Creating an iOS Developer Account

Creating an account with Apple is quite simple. We would gladly guide you through it. Please, follow the instructions below to create an account for iOS Developer Program.

Please go to: and click on "Enroll Now" button.

How to Get Started?
Step 1 (Apple ID)
Question: "Are you new or a registered Apple developer?"
Select: "I need to create a new account for an Apple Developer Program."
Step 2 (Enter Account Info)
Question: "Are you Enrolling as an Individual or Company?"
Select: "Company" or an "Individual"
Form: "Complete your personal profile"
Hint:  Proceed to filling in other fields
Question: "Which Apple platforms do you develop with? Select all that apply."
Select:  "iOS" only
Question: "How many years have you been developing on Apple platforms?"
Select:  "I am new to Apple platforms"
Hint:  Proceed to filling in other fields
Hint:  Read and accept the "Registered Apple Developer Agreement".
Request: "Enter the verification code sent to your email"
Hint:  Please, check your e-mail box for a letter from Apple,
 then copy a verification code and paste it into the field at the current step.
Request: "Enter your billing information for identify verification"
Hint:  Proceed to filling in other fields
Step 3 (Select Program)
Request: "Select your program?"
Select: "iOS Developer Program" 99 USD
Step 4 (Review & Submit)
Hint:  Review your enrollment information & submit.
Step 5 (Agree to License)
Hint:  Read and accept the "iOS Developer Program License Agreement"
Step 6 (Purchase Program)
Hint:  A checkout process might vary from country to country;
 please, follow the steps provided by Apple.
Step 7 (Activate Program)

Congratulations! Your iOS Developer Account registration has been successfully completed.

NOTE: To activate iFlynax for your website we will need your Apple ID and password to generate a certificate and application ID used for submitting your Application to App Store. For security reasons you are encouraged to change password to your Apple account after getting a certificate and application ID.