Flynax Classified Scripts

Today one of the most effective ways to enhance your business, organize people around you or improve popularity of your website is classified advertising with classified scripts. For those who want to create their own real estate portal and search for the best classified software like Flynax classified scripts can become a timely and effective solution.

For the moment Flynax offers professionally developed classified scripts with a number of advanced features that can be useful for its clients and for their classified business in particular. Owners of one of those professional classified scripts will have full control over users and their classified ads. They can create different categories with unlimited levels and provide clear description; limit privileges for particular group of users; set time limits for each listing; include price that can be changed any time and charged using integrated payment gateways such as PayPal, and others. As the owner of a classified web site on one of the Flynax classified scripts you may set an unlimited number of categories that can be changed at any time. Your categories will contain title, description and keywords due to the SEO friendly functionality in Flynax classified scripts. You can edit any aspect of your portal. You control everything that is happening on your classified ads portal and allow ads or ban them. There is also a possibility to create an unlimited number of extra fields such as date field or attach a file field. All of the categories can be made searchable or invisible.

Classified scripts also have powerful advanced search engine that can help in fast and precise search of any information in your classified website. For the facility of communication between users we offer private messaging system. There is also a possibility to insert unlimited number of pictures that can be turned into thumbnails or automatically resized to the needed size. In terms of administration your classified ads website will be completely under your control.

Flynax classified software allows unlimited creation of listings with unlimited extra fields. After the listings are expired they will be deleted automatically. It is possible to count the number of visitors for each listing as well as for each category. For the convenience of its clients offers a sufficient number of php classified scripts templates so they could choose one according to their preferences. All the templates are in a professional and stylish design. All the management tools are understandable. However if a client does not understand something Flynax team always can be at his service.

Finally Flynax top professional technical support team will always provide you with timely and effective help. Flynax support technicians are always available in user to user forums, in ticket system, by e-mail, different messenger. This is not complete list of all services that Flynax may offer along with classified scripts for your classified advertising business. If you need some specific features you can always contact Flynax team and they will help you!