Flynax Classified Software

There are many classified software solutions developed on different programming languages and technologies such as ASP, PHP and others. Before the development of a classified software programmers should make a choice what technology will they use for future project. The final choice of the language may depend on the performance of the classified software engine, reliability of the classified software and customization flexibility of the classified software.

Flynax classified software was developed on PHP language using modern web technologies including popular AJAX technology. The main reason why Flynax team chose that classified software will be PHP based is that PHP language counts as more stable and flexible to modifications and can satisfy individual needs of those who plan to start classified website.

Classified software which was developed by Flynax has advanced features and can be used for almost any classified business. There different packages of the Flynax classified software are available at this moment: Flynax general classified software for any business idea, Flynax auto classified script for car classifieds, Flynax realty classified software for real estate classified business and Flynax pets classified software for online pet classified sites.

Flynax classified software is constantly improving and always has something to say to the market requirements for classified software. Flynax releases new templates and features on a regular base so clients may change their layouts and entertain users with new features. Buy Flynax classified software and start you own classified business today.