vBulletin Bridge

Apr 30, 2012 / ver. 2.0.0
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  • Acts as a bridge between the forum and your site
  • Synchronizes forum accounts with those of your site
  • Shows last forum posts on Flynax powered site
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Flynax vBulletin Bridge is a bridge between Flynax and vBulletin forum. Before using this plugin you should install a licensed copy of the vBulletin forum on your web server. Flynax and vBulletin forum must be located on one web server.

The main feature of the Flynax vBulletin Bridge plugin is a cross registration and cross logging and logging out system. When your users log or log out on your website they automatically get accounts on your vBulletin forum and vice versa.

The second interesting feature of the Flynax vBulletin Bridge plugin is a synchronization tool for your users. This synchronization tool is useful thing for those web site owners who used the vBulletin forum before Flynax installation. So using this tool web site owners may copy all forum accounts to Flynax classifieds software with a few clicks and vice versa.

The final feature of this Flynax plugin is a display of last forum posts in the special Flynax block. This feature can be an attractive part for visitors at your classifieds website.

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2.0.0 Apr 30, 2012
  • Now the Plugin is available for Flynax v.4.0
1.1.0 Jan 27, 2010
  • New options added
  • Last posts box added
1.0.0 Jan 05, 2010
  • Initial release
good job

good job, thanks Flynax

Author: Zedri Mohamed Posted: Apr 30, 2012
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