Flynax Reviews

Positive and negative Flynax reviews are equally valuable for us. Positive ones fill our team with good emotions and an inspiration to work harder. Interestingly, we similarly love negative reviews more because they make us rethink the entire process and sometimes change our approach to certain aspects of our job, such as customer support, development of new features and plugins, etc. Every negative review shows us the causes for customer dissatisfaction and we do our best to eradicate them for future customers.

Unfair Flynax script reviews

However, there are certain types of reviews, which we do not like; we are talking about unfair negative reviews, those that do not give a true and fair view of our script and may even cloud the judgement of our prospects.

Quite a few negative Flynax reviews have been posted on the Internet over the years; we have classified them into several areas, which we will explore below. We have singled out most common reasons, which push customers towards writing negative things about us. You’ll be surprised to learn that the reasons below have nothing to do with our script, instead, customers openly show their dissatisfaction with our team and their reviews criticize the people behind the script, and not the script itself.

Impatient customers

Some buyers are so impatient that they may post a negative Flynax review and call us scammers simply because they do not want to wait for a purchase confirmation, a step we cannot overlook to make sure the transaction is legit. An online purchase is different from a purchase in a store and it takes some time to process it.

Reviews from non-customers

Some users may post a negative review even though they have not yet become Flynax customers but faced some issues during pre-sales or on demo sites. The question remains: can a review posted by a hot-tempered user be of value to you? Nevertheless, some negative reviews are posted by non-customers.

We refused to implement a customization

There may be several reasons for this: we view the feature as incompatible, the requirement specification was poorly written, or our developers, at that moment, did not have the time and resources to implement it. This leads to negative reviews from users who have not even purchased our script.

Slow support

When a user criticizes our support, he only shares his side of the story and no one may know that we had to wait for a week for valid ftp details or the issue was described in a way preventing us from fixing it without asking additional questions or clarifications, which we waited for another week at least.

No one responds!

Some customers email us their queries, to which we always respond in a timely fashion. Despite that, they write reviews claiming that they emailed us several times and never heard from us. Later it turns out that their email providers were automatically placing our emails into a spam folder, which users don’t check.


Some customers threaten to post negative Flynax reviews to speed up work on their projects or as a way to pressure our team so that they could get customizations or other services for free. They believe that they can make us work faster or prioritize their projects over the others if they threaten us with a negative review.

Some reviews may criticize our script for various reasons; however, when we dig deep into a customer’s issue, more often than not, we find that the issue(s) the customer had faced is not a valid reason for writing a negative review. Let us explore the nature of negative reviews below, and you will see for yourself whether they can be trustworthy or not.

Difficulties with configuring the website

Most users who start using our script have already tested it on the demo where everything is set up and configured. However, when faced with the need to configure the website to their business needs, add listing types, build search forms, etc – some users find it difficult to navigate across hundreds of features and often do not want to put their time into learning the back end, reading manuals and watching tutorials. As a result, a lion’s share of negative reviews are written by impatient customers who can’t configure a needed setting and they are too lazy to look for a solution on our forum or contact support.

Wrong choice of hosting

System requirements should not be underestimated, particularly for a feature-rich script such as Flynax. Many of the features are server-dependent meaning that if some server settings are missing, they simply will not function as expected. When this happens, users complain that some functionality on their websites isn’t working and they cannot understand why this is happening. They blame our script and write negative Flynax reviews. All of those issues are resolved simply by bringing hosting in line with our requirements; nevertheless, we get our share of negative reviews from users who are impatient to find out what caused the issues.

Online vendetta

In a digital world, it is common for some companies to work on discrediting their competitors rather than concentrating their efforts on building a positive image for the clients. Unfortunately, some Flynax reviews fall under the category of Black PR – that is, they were written by our rivals with the purpose of compromising our reputation.

It’s fairly easy for us to reveal self-proclaimed Flynax customers who are having issues with the script. We join the forum thread and ask them to confirm that they are indeed our customers by providing us with the domain name of their Flynax powered website so that we could fix their issues. Instead, they do everything to digress from the point of discussion, criticize our design, content, the team but provide no evidence that they are in fact our customers.


Sometimes we refuse to sell our script when we have reason to believe that the transaction looks suspicious, such as when someone buys a script in a different name using a VPN service. We regularly face scammers who steal credit cards and use various fraudulent purchase schemes. To ensure online security, we sometimes have to ask for a purchase confirmation by requesting additional details, and when we do, some customers either ask for a refund or show their dissatisfaction and label us as scammers. Although, the only thing we wanted was to make sure the person buying our script was not a scammer and was doing so with his own money.

Ratio between fair and unfair reviews

When we sieve through negative Flynax reviews, we find that 7 out of 10 fall under one or more reasons that we described above leaving only three honest reviews where customers fairly criticize our script and uncover its weak spots. We take those reviews very seriously and make everything possible to fix or eliminate the issues brought up by customers in our future updates. However, unfortunately for us, potential buyers who read negative Flynax reviews cannot see the difference between trustworthy, objective reviews and those trashing our product unfairly. And that brings us to the question of “How can we find true and unbiased reviews?”

Tips to help you land on an honest review

Since you cannot entirely trust online reviews, it’s essential that you have an easy system in place that will help you spot a biased and misleading review. It is a useful skill in life because it is going to help you choose any product wisely. Below, you can find our tips for finding a true review:

Genuine criticism must always be backed up with advice on how to become better; conversely, when someone insults you or says that your product is trash – can you call this criticism? The same applies to online reviews as they cannot consist entirely of negative feedback but should also offer author’s suggestions and ideas of how things can be made better.

Look for medium reviews, which neither praise nor trash a product. A person who genuinely wants to share his experience will certainly shed light on both pros and cons of the product because, let’s face it, any product has its pros. If you see a review trashing a product without mentioning at least a couple of plus sides, you may safely assume that the author is heavily biased or emotions prevail over sound judgement.

When reading a review, always ask yourself whether you may face similar issues. For instance a customer may criticize our script because we don’t have a payment gateway for his country or a template for a narrow niche. Customers often put a reviewed product in the context of problems they had faced; however, these issues may be inessential or not critical for you at all.

You may read hundreds of reviews about a particular car but it is not until you get behind the wheel and take it for a test drive that you get a feel for it and realize whether it suits you or not. Same applies to our script; we are not selling a wrapped-up box that you can open only after the purchase; instead, we encourage our potential customers to test our script in our sandbox.

Why did we write this article?

Recent research shows that 82% of buyers read online reviews before making a purchase and a negative review of a product may change the customer’s initial wish to buy it and make him look elsewhere. Seeing how reviews are important for our potential buyers, we decided to study Flynax reviews posted on the Internet and envisage what impact they may have on our prospects. We certainly didn’t write this in vain if this article helps at least a few buyers to distinguish between fair and unfair reviews, be they reviews of Flynax products or any other products or services.

On a final note, our suggestion would be to test the products you are interested in rather than reading other people’s thoughts about it. This way, you can get your own opinion about a product rather than an opinion imposed or, in some cases, enforced by other users.