Mobile Version (Retired)

We no longer offer mobile version because all our templates are responsive.

The advent of responsive designs marked the end of the era of mobile version. Mobile version used to be a transitional interface for a growing number of users, who wanted to have a mobile friendly environment for surfing the Internet with their feature phones and smartphones. Now it is almost gone; although some sites still use mobile version as an inexpensive mobile interface.

Why we no longer support mobile version?

1. The major drawback of mobile version is that it looks too stretched on tablets, which are heavily used for online browsing today, because it originally was designed for feature phones and smartphones, which are about 320-450 px wide.

2. When running mobile version you have to make sure that bi-direction annotation meets SEO requirements to avoid duplicate contents in search engines and other possible errors. In addition you have to promote not only your classifieds site but also the mobile version as two different sites.

3. Whenever you make a change to a desktop site you'll have to make it to a mobile version too because these are two different user interfaces showing the same contents.

4. You have to set up a mobile version to make it work. In most cases mobile version doesn't offer all the functionality of a desktop site.

Why we recommend Responsive Design?

With the responsive template you no longer need a mobile version because a responsive classifieds template already contains layers for three types of devices: smartphones, tablets and PCs. Whether you open a site with responsive design on a tablet or a smartphone it will scale down to the width of a screen showing contents in the most appropriate way to make full use of site functionality. Using a responsive theme also allows you to customize and update your site easier as compared to desktop templates and mobile version, which you're supposed to update separately.

What Google says?

According to Google a responsive design is a recommended way to build your site to get a higher Search Engine Optimization score.

Check our responsive classifieds templates and choose the one you like for your project.