Best Classifieds Software

When you look for classifieds software for your business, it is obvious that you want the best classifieds software there is on the market. However, the biggest questions is what makes the best classifieds software? We’ve pondered over this question long enough and came to a conclusion that it is a rather multi-faceted notion that includes a range of various aspects. On this page we will not dwell on the features, plugins and functionality of our script as you can find all the technical info on other pages of our site.

We believe that that “being the best” for any script means more than its technical functionality, as you continue reading, you will find what really contributes to this term and what pillars support it.

Committed Team

We believe that the team behind the best classifieds software is one of the most essential aspect because it is the team that makes and maintains the software. Flynax team is made up of dedicated professionals who are ready to try and make new things, master new technologies and standards and go the extra mile in order to give you the best script they can. However, the most important thing for us is that most of our team has been with us since day one. We understand that staff turnover and change of jobs is natural but we are proud that most of the people who join our company decide to stay and grow with us.

The team behind Flynax is more than world-class professionals, these are people who have fallen into step, know and understand each other and work together like a well-oiled machine.

The Test of Time

Hundreds, if not thousands of new scripts and classifieds platforms emerge in the market. However, even if developers think they have taken everything into account and added every trendy feature, no software, classifieds or not, can be called ‘best software’ if it hasn’t been on the market long enough to stand the test of time and remain afloat through the years and tough competition.

Over the years, we have observed many classifieds scripts emerge claiming they were the best and later fade into oblivion. Therefore, the best classifieds software is the one that has been tested by trial and error and has been on the market long enough. You have probably heard of the 10.000-hour rule, which holds that when you do something for 10 thousand hours, you become highly skilled in it.

In our case, we celebrated our company’s 10th birthday back in 2017, and that means that we have long passed the 10-thousand-hour threshold, and over the years, we have crafted our software to perfection. With all that, we keep working on it every day and believe that the test of time is a prerequisite for any company claiming its software is the best.

Digital Evolution

Everything around us is evolving in order to become better and adapt to new requirements. What was called “best classifieds software” a couple of years ago would not be considered as such today if it wasn’t evolving with every passing day.

Our classifieds script is not an exception and looking at it today, we would say that it is not the same as it was a year ago because it is always changing.

We view our script as a living organism that is developing and becoming more sophisticated over time in response to its environment and changing trends. The digital world is evolving faster than ever and we are proud to be part of this evolution chain. It is essential for our script to be called the best classifieds script on the market; however, more importantly, we want to maintain this position over the years and ensure that our script remains the best and adapts to the latest trends in digital sphere.

Customers’ Success

We can talk for hours about multiple features and plugins in our script, native apps and our awesome templates and regular updates. However, the question is “what happens after a sale?” Can any software be called the best without living examples of successful websites built on it?

After we sell our script, we feel a connection with our customers and there is nothing more rewarding for us than seeing our customers achieving success while their websites become a steady source of income for them.

We communicate with our customers on a regular basis years after they bought the script. It is true that many websites are neglected by webmasters who had high hopes for them in the beginning but gave up too soon. Successful sites are not built over a week or even a month, but good news is that customers who persist and are focused on long-term benefits rather than immediate results succeed in the long run. Over the years, we have seen many of our customers’ websites grow to become large classifieds portals. A few of them are featured in our portfolio, many more are not there for privacy purposes; we are very proud that we are part of our customers’ success and we believe that the essential aspect of any software are the successful projects behind it.

Large User Community

The best classifieds software, in our opinion, is judged primarily by its community of users. We believe that the people who will eventually use the software may have the most valuable input as to how it should work and what features it should include.

Over the years, Flynax has accumulated an impressive community of users, most of whom have hands-on knowledge of the script. Their experience and proximity to the script issues make them qualified to help other users of the script and give valuable suggestions. We are proud of our user community that is very active on our forum. We moderate all the threads and leave no questions unattended; however, more often we notice that when a question gets posted, other users reply to it with solutions and tips before we can even read it. This is very important and helps thousands of other users feel that they are not alone, rather, they are a part of a large community where everyone is willing to help each other.

Aside from end users who run their sites on our script, there’s also a growing community of third-party developers who have decided to learn the ins and outs of our script and offer their customization services on various freelance sites including Upwork, which involves millions of users.

We value our growing community of script users and each one of them contributes in one way or another to our script.

All Classifieds Types

When you choose the classifieds script, it should allow you to launch a classifieds site targeting a niche of your choice. It can be a real estate portal, a marketplace for cars, a website for purebred horses, pets/animals, an escort directory or any other type of classifieds that you have in mind. With our classifieds software you can start your site in any of the below classifieds niches:

Each of the classifieds niche has its own industry-specific features and thematic templates allowing you to start your classifieds site right away.

Any Classifieds Type

As you can see above, we offer six most popular classifieds types. Having looked at our templates, one may ask “what if my niche is not there?”

The matter is that there are hundreds of classifieds niches, such as job boards, modeling agencies, heavy machinery, elevator parts, musical instruments, vintage records, you name it. The real value of the best classifieds software is the ability to open your classifieds site in any niche, however rare and specific it might be.

We have created our script in a way that you can take any of the template and turn it into classifieds site of any type. All you need to do is to create your desired listing types (or several types) right from admin panel, populate it with proper fields and you are almost done!

To give you a better idea, below we’re featuring several of our customers’ sites which target the niches far beyond our templates.

  • Niche: piano, piano parts and services relating to pianos

    A website that deals in the sale of pianos, piano parts and helps you get a specialist to tune the piano, a tutor to give you piano lessons and all other services strictly relating to pianos.

  • Niche: memorials for loved ones

    A website that helps you create free memorials for your deceased loved ones, share the grief with family and friends.

  • Niche: bikes, bike parts and services

    A website dealing in bikes and accessories for bikes. Furthermore, you can find like-minded bike lovers and go on a bike tour with them or invite others to join you on your trip.

  • Niche: all classifieds types

    A great example how our script can be used to launch a classifieds portal that covers virtually all classifieds types.

  • Niche: tours and cruises

    A website that sells vacation tours, excursions and cruises in USA and all over the world.

  • Niche: Aircraft market

    An international website that connects aircraft dealers with potential buyers and offer private planes, helicopters, and other aircraft-related services.

As you can see, our templates should be viewed as the basis for your ideas. Most important is the script itself that allows you to open a classifieds site in virtually any niche.

Power Behind Every Template

The best classifieds software should be backed up by templates relating to popular classifieds niches. We have designed a number of templates, which you can choose for your classifieds niche. When you buy a script, you get a range of free templates with it.

Not only do our templates differ in terms of their look and feel, but they also offer varied ways of displaying and presenting design components. For instance, a picture gallery on listing details has a unique look in some templates. In other words, we did not only change the header images for templates but we also re-arranged the components to give users different navigation options. All of our templates are designed with latest web design trends: Bootstrap 4, use of variables, Sass and SVG sprites.

Even if we offer twice or even three times as many templates as we have, still there will be customers wishing for something entirely custom-made. To cater to every customer’s need, we offer template integration services meaning that you can provide us with a template of your choice and we will consider integrating it into our script.

Tackling Custom Projects

Although our script including the apps and all plugins are 100% unencrypted with no limits set on customizations, some customers prefer that we make changes to it based on their requirements. As a company behind the script, we are always willing to modify it so that it fully fits our customers’ expectations. In fact, over a 10-year-history, we have taken on hundreds of custom projects: from small-scale with a few design tweaks and changes to colossal custom jobs involving hundreds of man-hours.

We are proud of our custom projects knowing that we have helped hundreds of customers build their websites exactly the way they wanted them. If you have a unique idea or a unique vision, the best classifieds software needs to offer you to implement it, and we are willing for our script to be used as a solid basis for your ideas.

Accept Payments Globally

We’re always expanding the geography of payment providers by covering different countries and continents. Since users are more comfortable dealing with local and familiar payment providers, we’re integrating payment gateways from all over the globe to give your customers a local approach.

Aside from international payment gateways mostly used in English speaking countries, our payment gateways’ geography covers Europe, Latin America, Africa, India with 16 payment gateways integrated.

If you have a specific payment gateway that you wish to use in our script, we can integrate it for you for an extra fee as part of custom services.

ccBill Gateway


PayFast Gateway


SmsCoin Gateway


PAYTPV Gateway


Native Mobile Apps

When you think of the best classifieds software, you probably realize that this term encompasses a range of aspects. When you hear the term “script” or “software”, you think about a website browsed from a desktop PC; however, for us, this notion is multi-faceted and it cannot exist without native mobile apps. Nowadays, mobile phones offer users unrivaled browsing experience via apps and most users prefer to use apps rather than a desktop PC or laptop.

To cater to those users, we have developed mobile apps native for iOS and Android environments. These are standalone apps, which are flawlessly connected with the main script allowing your users to install the apps to their smartphones and connect to your website via the apps.

As you can see, there are several pillars, which support the notion of the Best Classifieds Software. Put everything aside, we believe that the people who create the software and the people who end up using it are the real force that propels it forward. On a final note, we would like to thank all of our users who at some point have chosen our script to run their classifieds sites.