Best Classifieds Software

When you're looking to start a classified ads site you want to use the best classifieds software for your site, especially if you want to add a custom template and functionality or plan to do so in the future. It is quite natural that you want to be confident in the knowledge that your site will always be up and running under different circumstances.

So what makes the best classifieds software?

Today the best classifieds software is not just a script that performs well or has a lot of features, the term includes a number of aspects and parameters, which make the software the best, let's go through them:


Team is one the most important aspects of the best classified ads software because it is the best team that makes the best software, and it is naive to think otherwise. Flynax Team represents a group of dedicated professionals ready to make new things, master new technologies and standards and give you the best things we can. We've been to the industry since 2007 and we know how to make the best classifieds software. To make our software even better we regularly release software and plugin updates, new add-ons and themes.

Unencrypted Source Code

As the web becomes a more transparent place more users today want to get unencrypted classifieds software. This quality of the software allows you to modify 100% of the source code without any restrictions. You can make changes by yourself or hire freelance developers to customize a script for you. Another key aspect of unencrypted classified ads software is the ability to install and run your site without using extra software for parsing encoded files.


The best classifieds script comes with professional support provided by in-house support personal, who know the software inside out and are ready to deal with different issues and situations in a timely manner, whereas dependence on community help might prove to be ineffective and untimely, especially if you experience an urgent issue on a live site. Flynax gives you 1-3 months of free support that includes guidance on the Software, making minor changes, and more importantly professional approach to all customer requests.


The best classifieds software must be packed with features that give you freedom to build your site the way your users want from admin panel. Availability of important and much wanted features will save you a lot of time and money taking into account how time consuming customizing, testing and debugging might be. Even if our software doesn't have something that you need you can always browse through our plugins, which offer a huge list of extra functions and features.


When you install a classifieds script you might think about boosting its functionality. You can do it by ordering customizations or by installing add-ons intended to add functions and features. The best classifieds software must come with a number of add-ons so you could add extra functions and features with add-ons rather than by customizing the script. Flynax comes with more than 70 powerful plugins; new plugins are added on a regular basis to meet your needs and provide the best experience.

Regular Updates

The classifieds software becomes the best when it is updated on a regular basis taking into account new standards and technologies. It is no secret that things we do are not perfect and it takes time and efforts to reach a particular level of perfection. With every update we make our software more perfect and user friendly.

Mobile Ready

Having a responsive theme is a must today. If your site doesn't have a responsive template it will affect your mobile SERPS, which is no good taking into account that the share of mobile users amounts to about 30%. Flynax offers you a line of awesome responsive templates built according to HTML5 and CSS3 standards and designed for the best classifieds software. All our responsive templates support high pixel density using high resolution graphics for devices with high PPI such as retina.

Mobile Applications

The best classifieds software is supposed to come with mobile applications that could be deployed specifically for your site. Having your own mobile application for iOS or Android devices allows you to achieve the highest level of mobile presence making your site accessible from the majority of devices and operating systems. More over it can be a perfect tool for your sellers or dealers allowing them to post ads on the go: a real estate agent or a car dealer can easily type a description, take pictures of a house or a car and put it on sale in a few minutes with his device.

SEO/SMO Friendly

Being SEO/SMO friendly is another important aspect of the best classifieds software. Our software gives you the ability to build SEO friendly URLs, generate meta description, keywords and listing titles with field values, include a sitemap module for indexing links by Google and Yahoo, canonical meta tags to prevent duplicate content in case of sorting or filtering; the script offers a clear division between contents of different languages. In terms of SMO our script offers you different sharing options, social meta tags, ability to post ads to Twitter etc.


The best classifieds software is supposed to be translated into the most popular languages, and support right-to-left languages. Flynax offers 10 popular languages allowing you to start a large international portal targeting practically the entire world. Moreover flexibility of our CMS enables you to easily translate the software into another language with a powerful Language Manager.