SEO Friendly Classified Software

When you buy a classifieds script, you need to make sure that it is SEO friendly, or is well optimized for the search engines. Webmasters realize that it is much more difficult to reach target audience and spread a word about their sites with poorly optimized software. Knowing that SEO is crucial for promoting your classifieds business, we would like to touch upon various tools and ways of optimizing your Flynax powered site.

How do people discover your site?

Before we begin to talk about SEO tools within Flynax script, you need to have a clear understanding of how people can find your site. There are two major ways for users to discover your website:

  • First, and the most preferred is native or organic keyword search; when a user types in certain keywords in Google search and your site pops up on top because it closely matches those keywords and is indexed by Google as the most relevant.

  • Second, a more costly approach is paid advertising and context ads by Google. This is a shortcut to higher traffic as it allows your site to reach potential users by showing them relevant ads along with organic search results.

While some webmasters rely solely on paid advertising campaigns, we believe investing both your time and efforts in organic search is more effective in the long run and helps you ensure a long-lasting effect.

SEO friendly URLs

We know that poor URL structure can compromise your page rankings. When we developed our script, we wanted to make sure that every page on your site is SEO friendly. SEO friendly URLs make your site easily accessible by the search engines and are comprehensible to users. When you add a category, when users add listings, the URLs are always structured according to best practices containing the keywords that best describe what this link is about. Added to that, when you add a page, you can enter a set of keywords that will not be visible in front end, but will be visible to search engines. If you run a real estate marketplace with agents, each of which needs to have his own page, our software allows every agent to have a profile page on a subdomain contributing to their promotion. Last, but not least, our script allows you to show URLs for ads in different languages, this feature is particularly useful for websites targeting an international market. With this feature, all of listings’ URLs will be generated in a language of the website helping users quickly locate the listing in a desired language.

If you plan to run your site in a few languages we believe you’ll find the hreflang attribute useful for your site because it allows you to tell Google which language you want to use on a specific page, so that the search engine could offer that result to users searching in that language.

Plugins to boost SEO/SMO

To make our classified scripts more SEO friendly, we have developed a range of Plugins specifically designed to help you in your SEO/SMO optimization.

One of them is Google&Yahoo XML Sitemap Plugin that generates an XML Sitemap every time it catches requests from Google or Yahoo crawl bots. The Sitemap plugins allows Google and Yahoo to crawl your website better and get most accurate data. If the number of links in the sitemap exceeds the limit, the sitemap is automatically split into two files, and all that happens automatically without you having to generate the sitemap manually.

The advent of Social Media has made it possible to promote your website on different social media platforms without your direct involvement. With Bookmark and Share Plugin, users will be able to share the ads on your site in Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. The Plugin allows you to place social media icons right or left from content or even in the form of a floating vertical bar.

With the Auto Poster Plugin, all of your listings will automatically be posted to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

To make sure that the listings from your site look their best on various social media platforms, we have developed a Social Meta Tags Plugin that optimizes your content for sharing by adding pictures, listing price and details in a nicely formatted box that will be shown on Social Media Platforms.

While some Plugins are primarily intended to improve SEO, a range of others have different purposes, but implicitly aid in SEO optimization. One of them is Field Bound Box Plugin that allows you to create boxes on different pages of your site. For instance, for car classifieds, you may create a box "search by color" and when a user selects, let’s say, a blue color, he’ll navigate to the page where only blue vehicles are displayed. The page in its turn may be SEO adjusted to reflect the keyword in a box. By creating search optimized boxes and targeting the right keywords, such as "certified used cars" or "beach holiday rentals" and others fitting your site concept, you’ll have much better SEO optimization.

These are only a few of the Plugins that can help you take your SEO to a higher level. You may explore the other Plugins we offer and decide which ones will be useful for your site.

Basic SEO Package

When you start a classifieds site, too much information regarding SEO may be overwhelming for some webmasters, and often they don’t know where to start. For webmasters who need a step-by-step action plan, we have developed a Basic SEO Package that covers the most important steps of the search engine optimization. The SEO package was developed by Flynax in-house SEO experts who made it specifically relevant to Flynax classifieds script. The SEO package guides you in your SEO campaign by describing every step you should take and tools you can use to make your site more SEO friendly.

We are certain that SEO is an integral part of your website promotion and you should engage in making your site SEO friendly from the start of your classifieds business. Our SEO friendly classifieds software conforms to Google’s webmaster guidelines and allows you to optimize your site readying it for the Search Engines.