Flynax had a perfect and error free classified script and easy to customize. Clean layout and design.

ankit - Jun 27, 2019

Flynax has provided me with excellent support for my website through out the past few years. They have gone out of their way several times to correct problems that I have created and were very professional in doing so, I am grateful for their professional support service as well as their patience with me. I will continue to do business with this company in the future.

Thank you Flynax for all you do in this business!

Brian Jester - Mar 15, 2019

I bought the Auto classifieds script and then updated to the blue template, my site is very professional looking in the way it looks and works has great features you would want in a classifieds site, the flynax team support and help has been outstanding and they are very honest, I highly recommend the scripts here, and I have looked around, but this script I am more than 100% happy with, Thanks David, Rudi and Victor!

Kim Ling - Jan 04, 2019

اسکریپت بسیار خوبی جهت ایجاد سایت های درج آگهی می باشد. دارای چند اسکریپت متنوع مخصوص درج آگهی و نیازمندی عمومی، املاک، اتومبیل، حیوانات خانگی، قایق و اسکورت می باشد. پشتیبانی نسبتا خوبی دارد...می توانید از این آدرس تمام دموها مربوط به انواع اسکریپت های فلاینکس را ببینید.

همینطور دارای پلاگین های متنوعی می باشد که به طور مستقل قابل نصب در اسکریپت می باشند. جهت هرگونه راهنمایی خرید و نصب با شماره تلفن قید شده در سایت من تماس بگیرید.

بهرام سلطانی - Aug 19, 2018

I thank all the Flynax team for their technical support a practical script.

Nirvana - Apr 05, 2018

Having Flynax script with wonderful Flynax support team is the best business decision I have made. The script is so powerful, Flexible, and friendly SEO use with many well-studied features supported with guidance and manuals. Carry on the great job guys.

Special Thanks to Victor who is on top of my requests and his prompt actions and feedbacks. Great job Victor, you are the best.

Bassam - Mar 30, 2018

Great customer service from both support and pre-sale department! Very friendly and knowledgeable bunch :)
It is not often that a great software is combined with a great support.
A big Thank You from a very pleased customer.

Pascal - Mar 05, 2018

Flynax e excelente uso a mais de um ano, e novamente adiquiri uma nova licença, para usar mais um site. Codigo bom sem erros, configuração de SEO excelente, equipe de suporte muito boa, plugins excelentes.

Anderson - Jan 22, 2018

I am very happy, flynax is a very good CMS, I have not had any problems with PHP errors, excellent support team, the best plugins to increase the visibility in google, and to leave the competition with envy.

Anderson Camargo - Sep 23, 2017

Excellent support once again. Much appreciated. Technically "savvy" staff who clearly want to help. Particular thanks to Mike.

John Evans - Aug 19, 2017

Keep up the Great Work!
Happy Birthday!

Autocy - Aug 11, 2017

Great Support guys (Kevin & Curtis). You did a great job of fixing my "hreflang" flags. Much appreciated. Another thanks to Viktor, ood quick response and successful outcome. Your support is very good value.

John Evans - Jun 21, 2017

I'm from South America and I can say that the support guys are very fast and thay are always taking care about your requirements. Great software!!

Hernan Contreras - May 25, 2017

سكربت فعلا ممتاز، اعتبره افضل برنامج حق مبوبه ولبيع السيارات والعقار، لديهم تطبيقات قويه وسريعه، وخدمتهم للدعم قويه ، انصح به

Faisal Alshalahi - Feb 24, 2017

Flynax has taken ordinary sites to extraordinary with thier new software & classified scripts. Amazing plug ins provide great features for our users & helped us to blow away our competition. There really is no other choice when it comes to superior scripts & plug ins than Flynax.
Curtis has helped us through every step of the way & still provides us any support we need. It couldn't be a better combination of software & support.
Thank you Curtis & the Flynax team!!

Philip Cabello - Dec 14, 2016

Tech support is very attentive and fast! I can safely recommend the program and the technical support!

Lester - Sep 30, 2016

I have been using Flynax for more than 5 years now, after all these years i am still impressed by the service i receive from Kevin and Mike and the online support.
I need to congratulate you on version 4.5.1.
I was still using version 4.0 until last week when i did a clean install of 4.5.1.
I find the site faster and a better experience overall.
Thank you for the quick fix with my cron jobs.

Johan - Aug 01, 2016

Hello to all,
My name is Simone,
I am a new user flynax,
I mean, that I'm finding well with technical support,
They are very good and kind ..
I have taken the 4.5.0 version,
I have yet to use, because we are solving some problems ..
but I am very satisfied ..
He is following Alan, which is solving my problems ..
It was also helped by Viktor, who installed my site ..
Now just solved the problems that remain ..
I will write another testimony :)
flynax thanks .. thanks to the support and to all the people who work there and that make it all possible ..
Hugs to all..

Simone - Jul 12, 2016

This is the most powerful CMS and Best CMS script ever. Thanks so much Flynax team, your support is #1 fast, friendly and TOP quality.

Peter Mala - Jun 06, 2016

I've tested over a dozen classified scripts over the years and by far nothing comes close to Flynax for their functionality, price, scalable and ease of use. Their staff is great to work with and they get the job done.
Keep up the great work!

John R. - Apr 04, 2016

Thanks to Flynax my buy and sell cars website project was made easier and I save so much time.

Paul Jake Castania - Feb 10, 2016

First of all I want to say thanks to the Founder of Flynax Company, to all Flynax Team, David as well, thanks to anyone who works for Flynax. I am really happy today! My girlfriend is pregnant. All I have been dreaming about is to have a website i mean a stable website. So I started with Flynax, they helped me a lot even in times of financial hardship, Flynax solves my technical issues for me Free!! The last time i checked on google, website is doing very good in some keyword ranking. Sorry I am getting emotional. Thanks to flynax, if you are reading this, the best place to start your classifieds site is with Flynax Software. Order your license today. Flynax keep doing your good job. Thanks you all and happy New year!

Godwin - Jan 11, 2016

My words fail me coz there’s no word to describe the service I get from Flynax. The service and script are just amazingggg. Den and other developers are justttt amazing. I’m glad to be part of the Flynax community.

Eddy - Dec 30, 2015

After I build my first website what was a disaster (with another company). i find Flynax and now i'm creating my second website with some Flynax colleges.

We start with the standard Flynax template and we are customizing it now to my own taste with fair prices. The crew of Flynax is perfect and can listen well and do what i like.Their support is fast and they are a real good and professional company.

Hope we winsih fast with customisations and i can launch it.
Thanks already for all of your support Flynax.

And i wish you al Goods for the New Year 2016.

Mikey - Dec 27, 2015

Great company I advice everyone to buy from, and they always doing everything to meet their client needs for all country all languages all currencies, They got the key to bring your dreams to life and make it real, with a friendly and familiar team that always keep helping you when you need them with all love and care, Thank you Flynax and special thanks to Viktor my brother.

ameerko2u - Sep 24, 2015

Olá meu nome é Alex sou consultor de sistemas em Bauru-SP(Brasil) e proprietário do domínio www.wantcar.com.br.

É com satisfação que recomendo a empresa Flynax. Comprei um script para Auto deles e estou muito satisfeito com o atendimento e com o produto.

Quero parabenizar a equipe da Flynax por terem desenvolvido um ótimo produto.
Eu recomendo a Flynax

Grande Abraço

Alex F Valencio - Aug 27, 2015

Excellent support. The team is really for the customers satisfaction. Always answer on time and help changing as customer request. I already own 2 licenses and will recommend this script for everyone.

Wei Hong - Aug 07, 2015

I bought my first Flynax script five years ago and two more followed later. The software is superb, easy to customize and the Flynax technical support is always very professional and willing to help to solve just about any problems or add any of your ideas to your script. I do not hesitate to recommend Flynax company and their software to anybody. Excellent in every way, pleasure to work with.
Thank you for your great work and support over the years.

George - Jun 09, 2015

So I've been with Flynax for 2 years and I have to say that I'm impressed. It's the best product I ever have and the key that contribute to this fact is its support staff. For a long times, I have been working with Curtis, Viktor, Dmitry, Alex, and now Alan. All works and responses was in timely manner and I'm totally satisfied. I wish you all more successes in the future. Please keep up with your good work.

Wei Hong - Apr 14, 2015

Calling it "Flynax Classified Software" is a way too reductive and inappropriate from my point of view. I would just call it Flynax the Platform Builder Software!
Not matter what is your niche about: Cars, Boat, Pets, Airplanes, Motorbikes, Heavy Machinery, Tech Devices etc. etc. The Flynax script is so adaptable and customizable that is real easy to use it for any kind of purposes, considering also the full unlimited access to a whole bunch of useful plug in that you can update at anytime, makes Flynax more than it is.
-For a fact we have started our web portal using the banal WP and after a lot of headache to make all the different plugin to work along with the site, we have had always some bugs to solve, so we had to contact and deal with too many plugin providers and developers and to be honest it was a kind of never ending task.
Luckily we have found Flynax, which is for real the #1 software provider.
One software provider, one plugin provider, one tech support, one bugs solver, one team to talk to!
With these guys we deal with one team and not with dozens, beside their responsiveness is quite unique as their amazing tech support.
I would strongly recommend it to all who's about to initiate a new web platform project.
Thank you very much Flynax Team!

MM IT - Feb 18, 2015

Flynax is the Best forever, Best in prices, best in services care and everything, i have been with them for 2 years now, and i won't go anywhere else, Also i m in google 1st page with many key words, thanks for the advanced SEO of flynax.

Ameer - Feb 03, 2015

Have been using this software now for nearly 18 months on my boat sale web site and found it to be very stable and have not encountered any issues what so ever.
Good regular up dates with in the add ons.
So impressed i have now used on my property sales web site.
www.mylastmove.com uk based house sales and rental.

John - Jan 16, 2015

I truly recommend Flynax, the staff is very kind and reliable. The software has incredible features and you can made almost everything. My escort guide is better than expected thanks to them.

Santiago - Jan 14, 2015

Your support is the best support I ever met.

eddyahmed - Oct 27, 2014

I really don't know I will ever give testimony on a website but trust me Flynax is worth more than Testimony.

I wish am a writer i will have write a whole book about Flynax Team.
I live in Panama, where there is only one popular classified website so i thought of doing one and you know to get to the stop is not easy, also to beat the one on the top takes quality and being unique. I paid two companies to do website for me but they all failed and still charged me for their own failure. my wife asked me to give up because i lost 500$ already for someones failure. I was just 5mins away from giving up when i mistakenly click on flynax.com i read the features and i told myself this is what i want. I used the trail version for the whole night and my wife got pissed, she thought i was chatting with another woman. I told her about my new found love Flynax but she didn't take it serious and we didn't even discuss before i bought the licensed Software. I later showed her the prices she got freaked out, why am going to pay this price? little did she know i bought it already. Am not a bad husband i just know what i really want. For me to make long story short even though i know you are enjoying my story. As you are reading now Flynax Team is working on my full licensed Software , The biggest classified site coming soon in Panama. If you made a mistake clicking on flynax.com, it not a mistake no more some mistakes are good mistakes.
I encourage you buy it and take full control of it change it to what you want and be the Next big classified site in the world.

Flynax simply the best. I real life changing software.

Big thanks to David, Den, Linda, Curtis and others i don't know yet but for Megan is my good friend.

Godwin Agbavor - Sep 26, 2014

I wont say BIG thanks to team Flynax!
We worked with many script and we not see before so functionally and easy to use software. The team think about all how ads look, banners, multi seo, multi change languages, add and change data, admin panel with rich configuration and many more...
The support work perfect, fix and help with problems, same time it take time, but do the job!

Thank you very much for your great product...

Muller Claus - Sep 17, 2014

Dear Flynax thank you so much for your wonderful team that creates such a impressive product! For more than one year we are building up our own site on the Flynax engine now. Without the great Team, that includes such talented developers like Viktor, Curtis, Vladimir, Dmitry and more... it would be not possible to move on. Thank you for your patient, fast and qualitative work! Its a pleasure to work with such a tremendous Team. For the next years of good cooperation!
Best wishes!

Pawel - Sep 10, 2014

Exceptional script which allows many customizations from non technical users, their expertise in this field is amazing. Personally I have been dealing with Alex, and his technical skills and work rate is amazing.

Thomas - Sep 10, 2014

The scipt looks great, a lot of customizations options. Need more time to know well, but it seems to be a very good software.

Christian - Sep 07, 2014

After more than a year dealing with flynax product and team, I can say that :
1.Flynax has the best classifieds solution on Earth.
2.They have the best customer service and coders.
3.They are all the time up-to-date with the new technology and the amazing thing those updates are free.
4.Curtis is an amazing coder, he was able to implement anything I come-up with, genius at what he is doing.
I can say for sure I am in good hands.

Ahmed - Aug 29, 2014

I have never met any technical support so helpful like the one in Flynax...

I really cant thank you guys enough. Whenever I have a problem it wont take even two hours for u guys to fix. I am thinking of buying other services of yours cz am sure wont face no problem.

Eddy - Aug 27, 2014

I have been using flynax for a couple of years now. Support has always been helpfull and professional. Def recommend flynax for your turnkey classifieds. Searched for alternatives but can honestly say flynax is on top.

kiowa - Aug 04, 2014

For Metrekare.com, choosing Flynax was a perfect decision to understand real estate classifieds industry. In only 2 weeks, we were up and running with 20K listings thanks to Flynax.

Now that we are a much bigger company, we switched to our own product. But Metrekare wouldn't be around, if we didn't start with Flynax

Halil Akin - May 09, 2014

Hello from Austria,

the Flynax classified script is an amazing piece of software.
Extremely powerful but flexible.
Unbelievable the very good and fast support I get from the whole Flynax team!
It was definitively the best decision to go with Flynax.
Thanks to all the Flynax team.
Keep up the good work!


Roman - Dec 19, 2013

Hi from Australia! Flynax after-sales support has been second to none. I did much research before purchasing a classified script and Flynax has everything I needed.

The plugins are great, the technical and custom modification team and very easy to deal with and understand all my requests, and the community members in the forum are fantastic too!

Beau - Dec 11, 2013

Again thanks for all Team of Flynax, keep going, you are the best, and special thanks for Viktor.
Best Regards

Ameer - Nov 16, 2013

I want to express my gratitude to the Flynax Team, meaning every body that working in that company are excellent, very professional and a they have a lot of knowledge, They give me all the solutions for my Website and i will continue to improve my web and give them the work to modify and change my web with my new projects.
Thank you to all for excellent work.

Juan Medina - Nov 05, 2013

Hi there, just sharing my thought about Flynax and it's classified software:
- After launching a web site and make it popular about a particular niche I've been surfing the web for months trying to find the best classified script to renew our old portal. Every software, every script, every option has been carefully evaluated, and always one script has something that other may don't have. The only one that best fit our needs was Flynax. So I ended up purchasing the Flynax licence and build a whole new website. The tech support is pretty much there every time you need it, which is a must but even more important is the flexibility of the script itself, witch allowed us to build a super cool site, modern and functioning as noch up platform. Be side that there are so many useful plugins that we'll help and improve the users experience and the admin works.
So to end, I would like to thanks the Flynax team who professionally assisted us, and in particularly Mr. David who personally helped us.

-To all who are planning to buy a Flynax licence: Strongly Recommended!

Ma-Ma - Sep 29, 2013

Thanks for all team of Flynax they are really experts and the best,and special thanks for Viktor whom was a pretty helpful from the first till i finished all those technical stuff, he helped me many times and never said no, I can't remember how many times he worked with issues for me that was really a lot ;), But really they all are kind, friendly and experts, also many thanks for Linda, Mike, Alex and Curtis.
And sure, I count you forever, as you are Guardian Angels for all you clients.

Best Regards

Ameer - Sep 05, 2013

Flynax software and their support is second to none! I run two sites using their software and I love it. It is flexible, easy to customise and does everything I want from a classified. Their support is very good, they're a great team to work with. I have no qualms recommending Flynax!!

Geoff - Jun 14, 2013

The things are simple! The Flynax Team is:
* Professional
* Helpful
* Serviceable
Many times as needed Flynax team, They help me on maximum and more times without any charge!
Thanks a lot Flynax, will be my choice to my new website.

George - May 29, 2013

The Flynax product is excellent and easily customisable. Anyone interested in developing a classifieds site should give it serious consideration. The team behind are dedicated and offer amazing and timely support.

GoodSpot - May 01, 2013

This is without doubt the best classifieds script out there. The functionality and level of support is top-notch. The Flynax staff are also exceptionally helpful - support is always fast and professional. Keep up the good work!

Louis C. - Apr 08, 2013

I had this huge project with Flynax and they have been always perfect to me. They have a very good support team. They are reliable and they listen to their customers. Special thanks for Dmitry , Vladimir and David. Keep up the good work!

Mahmoud .H - Mar 18, 2013

He probado muchas soluciones para inmobiliaria, encontre en flynax todo lo que necesitaba. Tienen un excelente servicio de atención al cliente, recomiendo 100% trabajar con ellos

CARLOS FRESNO - Mar 15, 2013

In deciding to start a classifieds site, I searched on line for as many scripts as I could, and then saved them all into a folder.

Day by day over several weeks it was a process of elimination.

In the end there were 2 left standing, and it was a tough gig to pick a winner, even though flynax was a few more dollars my gut took me in that direction.

All I can say is the hype about support is the real deal, the guys do back up with help and are brilliant.

The platform is a little confusing if your a complete newbie at classifieds but very easy to pick up on and put together a very professional site in a short time.

The only problems I face now are finding some more good domain names and getting a few more of these sites up and running.

Pete - Jan 26, 2013

Flynax team showed an outstanding after-sale services which is vital for any web-script.

The process of choosing the perfect property-classified script was long as our requirements to build a large property network was very specific. Flynax fitted our requirements exactly.

Jobatics.com - Jan 15, 2013

Choosing Flynax over other solutions was perhaps our best decision. I am very happy with the product so far.

During my numerous interactions with Support regarding understanding the product, they have been quick, prompt and courteous.

I would especially like to thank John for his patience and excellent support.

- Surya

Surya Kiran Vinjamuri - Dec 28, 2012

I'm in "classifieds business" for more than 20 years. So you can take my word for it: they are the best!

Jernej - Dec 13, 2012

What can I say about Flynax Support? I am very impressed with their assistance and solutions to questions and problems I have with my flynax installation.

First of all they assisted me in fully integrating a very large vbulletin community with more than 125K members with flynax classifieds. Now user base is integrated and one can login or register in either the flynax classifieds or the vbulletin forum. I had some other problems like subdomain redirection, rss feeds, pdf export but they were sorted out in time. There were occasions when support was delayed but I did understand the workload and pressure the support staff are handling everyday.

Likewise I am putting in a kind word to John who was very patient and impressive in my request for assistance. I had thousands of listings in an old photopost classifieds section in my website which I asked him to migrate. It was a paid support, true, but very well worth every penny. I had requests which he facilitated and was very patient about it.

I can say that I am very happy and impressed with the quality of the migrated listings.

Good work Flynax Support. I have several items lined up for paid support and you will be hearing from me very soon!

Keep up the good work!


Noel Bautista - Oct 27, 2012

Car Classifieds is great software Easy to use and the support staff are always very helpful with my issues

Darren Osborne - Aug 24, 2012

I have been with Flynax for a year now, i started with version 3.2 and now using the much improved version 4.01. There are plenty of plugins on offer to enhance your site but most of all there is amazing support with quick response times. My thanks go to them and hope they keep up the great work for this product. I am so glad i decided to use Flynax.
5/5 Rating :D

Chris Brown - Jul 21, 2012

Hi form Argentina.
Flynax script is excellent. It is very powerful and flexible.
And the support team is even better.
Thank you guys!

Pablo - May 24, 2012

Really #1 Classifieds Software!

- readable code;
- flexible CMS;
- helpful and friendly support;
- SEO friendly;
- interface usability;
- regular updates and new plugins.

Thanks for all to Flynax team! You have a great future!

At first I doubted to give $500 for a script, but after purchase and testing I was convinced that real cost in times is more expensive...

Covax - Apr 16, 2012

Hello there
I have decided to write this little testimonial.
If you are thinking of running classifieds website, flynax is your choice. I mean this script is extremely flexible, you are able to make endless modifications of all components. If you were to develop website like this from scratch it would cost you many thousand dollars.
I would recommend this script to anyone interested.

I want to say a word or two about support: these guys know how treat customers, they will do everything possible to satisfy customers.
And also my spacial thank goes to Viktor, super professional and super helpful, I do not know what I would do without his help, once again you rock Viktor :)

Lev - Apr 02, 2012

Hi Guys, I've been testing many scripts before and I can tell that Flynax is the best one for me and it's very easy to handle
Perfect product and excellent support
Many thanks for all the Flynax team

Fouad - Mar 01, 2012

I've been testing Realty/Classifiends scripts for the past 9 years and I've got to say after getting hooked up with Flynax last year, No script comes close to what their's can do and the functionality it allows. Their support is fantastic.

John R - Feb 08, 2012

What can I say that hasn't already been said! I'ved used other scripts before I tried Flynax and the obvious is - they just didnt do what I wanted or else I wouldn't be here. Other scripts just didn't suit my needs without a major refit. Of course this made upgrading a nightmare! Flynax works straight out of the box with no major changes for me!
Flynax is very flexible and allows everything I need to do from the admin panel!
I am very pleased with both the product and the support!! Awesome fellas, keep it commin.....

Geoff - Dec 31, 2011

Working with the Flynax group continues to be a pleasure. They are a sharp group of programmers and the classified script is a great, affordable solution that has a lot of flexibility. The support and features are excellent. Customization if excellent. Please keep up the good work!!

Ben - Oct 14, 2011

Support is super with these guys, fast and always clear, the software for me is number 1 under the classifieds scripts, its easy to work with and you have many options to choose from. Id say get this if you want a REAL classifieds site.

Rob - Sep 27, 2011

Ok. I'm a Software Developer myself (C#), and I've been searching for a long time for a Classified Ads Script in PHP. I found my only solution on Flynax - It's flawless, it's amazing, and the support absolutely wonderful. Really well developed, with extensive amazing Ajax implementations. Congratulations!

Tiago - Aug 10, 2011

Hello from USA. I have to say I am impressed beyond belief. The technical staff took care of EVERY problem I had. The tech I worked with(Mike F. - he rocks!) always asked the smart questions, came up with great solutions. These are good people to deal with! Very fair pricing. And no third-party developer, who will have nothing but excuses about the software being the problem.

My site is "under construction" but will be open [hopefully] by June 19,2011.

Edward C. - Jun 02, 2011

I am from UAE this is my first time I am using flynax software.
I found this software while I am searching in the internet.
I am happy to get this software.

eissa - May 27, 2011

I am using this software for my used car site and I must say it's the best. It's loaded with features and awesome support.


Alex - Apr 27, 2011

I have just started to Auto Classified software
It's really simple and very Easy to customize ..the support staff are really helpful and fast ..simply ..i LOVE it

Abdulilah Almahfoudh - Apr 19, 2011

To compliment Flynax for support, performance and script.
Thanks wish you much success.

Kosta Djureinovic - Mar 16, 2011

One of the best software of real estate I have ever seen, quality of coding, support, price.


Monsef - Feb 24, 2011

I would recommend this script for anybody wanting a powerful script with many smart features. The layout is one of the most attractive looking interfaces around. Technical and after-sales support is second to none, even if a little slow but things get fixed or modified within reason to suit your needs. Some features are somewhat obscure but most are actually there to insure you can manage a successful classifieds site. The back-end has almost any feature you might be looking for in comparison to many scripts I have tested, Flynax truly scores very highly and is definitely worth every dime.

Motaz Tawfik - Sep 01, 2010

Flynax script is so great and flexible, I've search through a lot of scripts, and I think Flynax script is the best. In the other hand, Flynax support team are completely reliable, flexible and accurate. and the availability of the live chate is excellent and they are so friendly.

Mosaab - Aug 26, 2010

Hi Guys, I ever find such an excellent support, like Flynax Team Great Carry on Guys and Excellent Product.

Din - Jun 25, 2010

Did spent a fortune on all sorts of DB stuff. This seems extremely promising. Finally! I hope to get there to what I want. Support seems fantastic!

Gerard Korver - Jun 12, 2010

I just fall in love with them, great support, great thread, great script, great everything!!.

Special thanks to Viktor, who has been working with me and making possible all my ideas.

Great Job!

Anabel González - Mar 25, 2010

I want to congratulate you guys, for your good work!
We still have a long way to go together regarding our website but your work until now (advanced searches mainly) is very good.

Also your attitude is very professional and we are sure you will continue everything in the same manner!

Mircea - Mar 23, 2010

This is Simply Amazing !!!!

Joy - Feb 26, 2010

Hola, desde miami:
Estube meses buscando un software para clasificado de autos, y flynax me brindo la mejor solucion, un software bien completo y facil de manejar, ademas cuentan con un exelente servicio.
Gracias Flynax

Roberto Melo - Jan 09, 2010

I have tested a lot of CMS for classified but neither gives me the features and flexibility that I was looking. It took me time to get to the Flynax site (maybe they need improve the marketing).

They have friendly support and the most important, they help you achieve the level of customization that you want.


Omar - Dec 29, 2009

on really, are a good application and so easy of customize. The LiveSupport are so good and i am so happy with the product :) good job!

Carlos Del Fresno - Dec 09, 2009

I got to say its the perfect tool for anyone that is trying to build a real classified web page. SEO tools like never see before, easy to manage, and really customizable.. One of the best support i have experimented. Keep the good work, Bravo.

Ibrahim Rodriguez - Nov 27, 2009

I am total impressed from the features from this script ,
But best of all is the service that you provide .
I had all the time a person only for my requests .
That is for me the best support i have ever see.

keep going with your perfect job guys ,
Personally thanks to John.

Soti - Oct 11, 2009

I can say only good things about Flynax. It's easy to use, customizable and of course customer support is excellent. I have worked with many scripts out there and no one matches Flynax. Many thanks and I hope that our cooperation will continue as smoothly.

Raivo - Sep 07, 2009

The Flynax classified script really is an amazing software that makes it easy to develop SEO friendly websites when time is of the essence. Responsive customer support, flexibility, scalability, and ease of use makes Flynax a very powerful solution for a variety of websites.

Doug - Jun 15, 2009

After 7 years of building search optimized directory sites and trying everything from Free Classified scripts to those costing thousands of dollars, I can truly say that I have found the perfect classified script. The architecture and flexibility provided by Flynax is incredible and their support is friendly and extremely fast! Highly recommended for any online directory, classified or other project

Mitul - May 26, 2009

we say:
perfect support, perfect script, easy to handle, easy to install. technical staff works fast and all our custom modification works fine. many thanks tom

Tom - May 10, 2009

Hello from France.
After testing many possibilities, Flynax was the best script i've used; quick, efficient and scalable.
Shurely the best way to create classifieds web site SEO friendly.
The technical staff is always listening to its customers and the responses are fast.
Go there.

Franck - Mar 18, 2009

I am from Germany and i was searching a script like this since two months.
It is so good and easy to handle. And for me was important that the urls are SEO friendly.
I am sure that now my portal will be more user friendly as before.

Manuel - Nov 09, 2008

I am working with flynax long time and would like to say that this script is perfect solution for building classifieds portal. There are many powerful tools which helps me customize the site easy. Carry on guys!

Alex - Aug 13, 2008

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