Software Features

User Features

Membership Plans

Membership plans are a great way to monetize your site by charging users for access to contact details, photos and ability to create featured accounts. Membership plans core feature

Ads without Registration

A much wanted feature in our busy world enabling users to post ads without going through registration or creating an account.


With the booking option your users will be able to show availability of their ads on a calendar and set rate ranges for a particular time period.

Search by Distance

Search for ads within a specific radius based on a zip code allows users to immediately get search results within their location. Search by Distance

Listing Preview

The module adds another step to Add Listing process allowing users to preview and edit their ads before they will be published on your site.

Category Look

Flynax gives you some flexibility in setting a number of category columns, visible subcategories, adding icons to categories etc.

Featured Ads

A good opportunity to earn extra by offering featured plans to users with their ads being highlighted and shown at the top of the list. Featured Listings

Compare Listings

With every ad having an Add to Compare List link users can easily add and compare a few ads in a table when browsing ad details.

My Packages

A section in the Account Area that allows users to keep track of all packages purchased, renew or buy new ones and check other stats.

Saved Search

If a user didn't find anything on your site he can save his search criteria and get an email notification later once a matching ad is added.

Category Slider

To save more space and keep your site neat use the category slider enabling you to set a number of columns and categories in columns.

Standalone Seller Page

A seo-friendly profile page generated for a seller either on a subdomain or in a subdirectory and offering all ads of a seller and contact info. Standalone agent page

Payment Gateways

Flynax comes with a dozen of the most popular pre-integrated payment gateways so you can easily monetize your site with a few clicks.

Amenities on Google Maps

A small add-on from Google that allows users to easily find nearby amenities like hotels, hospitals, cafes etc on the Google Maps. Amenities on Google Map

Coupon Code

To increase sales you can generate coupon codes for individuals or user groups allowing them to purchase plans at discounted prices.


Adding a box with frequently asked questions and html-formatted answers on any page will let your customers use your site more effectively.

Listings Carousel

The carousel allows you to add a compact box with a sliding effect that can show featured, random, recently added and top rated ads.


The plugin gives your users the ability to share their positive feedback with others on the home page making your site attractive to new visitors.

Category Filter

Using slider and range selectors you can easily create a filter for ads of a listing type or a category based on the most important criteria.

Exporting/Importing Bulk Ads

The module enables importing/exporting bulk ads including pictures in xls and csv formats both from admin panel and user interface.

Recently Added Ads

A seo-friendly page that shows a list of the latest ads with recent ones displayed at the top and old ones moving down.

Similar Ads

A box on listing details that shows similar ads based criteria specified for every category through a separate form from the admin panel.

SSL Protection

The SSL add-on along with an SSL certificate provides encrypted links between your site and users ensuring secure online data transfer.


To boost performance and reduce server load Flynax offers caching of such frequently used data as submit, search forms and categories.

Search for Ads

Flynax offers quick and advanced search for ads of available listing types allowing you to populate search forms with custom fields.

Print Version

A printable light page with the most important information about a listing: a main picture and description including seller details.

Posting Ads in Steps

Posting ads is divided into clear steps displayed on separate pages to avoid confusion and omission of important data.

Multimedia Uploads

Apart from adding description to ads sellers are also able to upload photos and videos to give more visual information to potential buyers. Pictures & Video uploading

Keyword Search

A fast way to search by keywords based on options selected with results highlighted in yellow. You also can add it to advanced search.

Search for Sellers

Flynax offers two search forms for sellers: alphabetical search based on values of a particular field and advanced one.

Payment History

A section in the Account Area that enables users to keep track of all payments made through your site.

Internal Messaging

An internal messaging system allowing users to contact sellers through a contact form with message copies sent to sellers' email accounts.

Login Attempt Control

Login attempt control for admin and user interfaces keeps your site from brute forcing by hackers and different automatic scripts blocking them for one and more hours and protecting sensitive data of your users.

Multilingual Interface

With ten languages and values of dropdowns translated into other languages you can target a particular country or go international.

Semitic Language Support

Features a full support for Semitic languages like Arabic or Hebrew in terms of text direction, logo and position of content boxes.

vBulletin Bridge

A solid bridge between Flynax and vBulletin with user accounts synchronized and latest forum posts displayed in Flynax powered site.

Filtering by Location

A much needed feature that allows your users to filter ads on your site based on countries, regions and cities saving them a lot of time.

Cookie Policy

To comply with cookie policy introduced in some countries you can install our add-on that notifies all new visitors about saving browser cookie.

Category Tree

A tree of categories and subcategories of a listing type displayed in a box and allowing users to browse ads contained in them when clicked.

Responsive Template

To keep up with the latest IT trends we offer you Responsive Templates, a fully responsive flat design built based on html5, css3 and retina ready. Responsive Templates

Currency Converter

Once activated the converter will show prices on the site in a currency selected by the user offering more than sixty world currencies.

Weather Forecast

A useful widget offering a regularly updated forecast from Yahoo and a number of weather condition icons shown in a box or on listing details.

Listings Navigation

A simple add-on for switching between previous and next ads in categories and search results page offering a back-to-search-results link.

Facebook Connect

Facebook users can easily create accounts on your site using their Facebook details without going through registration. facebook Connect

Refine Search

A set of search fields displayed in a sidebar along with search results and allowing users to narrow down search results by particular criteria.

Rating Ads

A simple and time-tested way for users to evaluate ads in terms of fullness, multimedia uploaded, wording and other aspects.

List and Gallery Look

A visual convenience for users allowing them to choose if they want to browse ads in categories and search results as a list or as a gallery.

Custom Subcategories

With this feature enabled users are able to add custom subcategories from the user interface if a required subcategory is not available.

Google Maps

A powerful tool from Google enabled for every listing and showing ads and values of location-related fields on the Maps.

New feature QR Code

The module generates a QR code for every ad, which allows your users to easily and instantly scan and save ads to their mobile devices.

Tag Cloud

With search keywords going to tags you also has the ability to fully manage all tags from admin panel in terms of weight and look.

Ads in PDF Format

The ability to export ads to pdf format is another useful feature, which makes sharing, emailing and storing ads more convenient. Export Listing to PDF


With the module both admin and users can add banners in html, swf, png, gif and jpg formats being able to target a particular country.

Pay-As-You-Go Credits

Acting as an alternative currency on the site the credits allow your users to use the balance for a period of time featuring immediate payments.

Loan/Mortgage Calculator

The calculator can be a useful add-on for users interested in items and wanting to calculate the amount to be paid without leaving your site.


The add-on features a solid manager with an html editor allowing you to send newsletters to subscribers and bulk emails to site users.


Adds a question with a few options to choose from allowing users to vote for particular options making your site more interactive.

Quick Favorites

Even if your users are not logged in or registered they will still be able to add ads to Quick Favorites by clicking on the star icon.

Admin Features

Unlimited Categories

Flynax has no limits to a number of categories, and you can add as many as you want enabling your users to add custom subcategories. Multileveled categories

Moving Ads

If a user posted his ad to a wrong category or you want to move it to another category you can do it with a few clicks from admin panel.

Field Manager

Flynax comes with a set of pre-configured fields but you also can use 13 field templates to add custom fields both for ads and user accounts.

Categories by Listing Types

Categories are tightly related to listing types, which makes configuring categories of unrelated listing types like bags, bikes etc more flexible.

Form Builder

A drag'ndrop module that lets you build and edit forms for categories and user groups in a simple and fast way from the admin panel.

Extra Functionality

Apart from feature-packed Flynax CMS you also can significantly boost functionality of your site by installing free plugins from admin panel.

User Group Manager

You can easily manage user groups, build custom registration forms, set accessible sections, ways of confirming new accounts etc.

Plan Usage Limit

If you have free plans you can always limit the number of times they can be used in order to encourage users to upgrade to paid plans.

Remote Ads

The add-on enables both users and visitors to show your ads in a neat box on other sites by copying and pasting a piece of code.

Category Boxes

Gives the ability to show categories of a listing type on different pages or group categories of different listing types in a content box.

Interdependent Fields

A dynamic module that enables adding a set of interdependent fields, in which values of one field depend on selection in a previous one.

Plan Manager

You can easily add new plans for charging users with price, duration, multimedia and other settings managed individually for every plan. Monetization

Ads from Admin Panel

Posting ads like other functions is mirrored in admin panel enabling you to post ads from admin panel on behalf of another user.

One-click Plugin Installation

With all plugins accessible from admin panel installing and updating plugins is done with one click taking no more than a minute.

Google and Yahoo Sitemaps

An important add-on that generates an XML file making it easier and faster for Google and Yahoo to crawl and index pages of your site.

Listing Types

A set of basic configurations that offers you freedom to add custom sections like bikes, bags, phones etc each configured independently. Listing Types

Category Manager

The manager allows you to manage categories, build seo-friendly urls, make subcategories inherit fields from other categories etc.

Ad Manager

With ads arranged into a user-friendly grid and all functions being handy you can easily manage ads: edit, activate ads, approve multimedia etc.

Field Groups

A convenient way to enclose related fields into groups in forms in order to make postings ads and creating accounts more structured.

User Approval

When adding a custom or editing existing user groups you can set if it is to be approved automatically via email or managed by admin.

Category Search

With advanced search for categories by: name, listing type, parent category etc you can find a needed category or subcategory in no time.

Upgrading/Downgrading Ads

Listing Manager gives you the ability to easily assign featured status to ads or remove status and downgrade an ad to a standard one.

Importing/Exporting Categories

To speed up importing or exporting numerous categories Flynax offers you the ability to add or extract your categories in csv or xls format.


Invoices are an alternative way for the administrator to charge users; users can pay invoices through available payment gateways.