Classifieds Software Responsive Templates

Flatty the Responsive - as fluid as water as flat as a picture

The further we move the more complex things become. Responsive template is another step in the multifaceted world of web technologies, in which templates today are not only supposed to feature cross-browser compatibility but also being adaptive to different devices like smartphones, tablets and computers.

Keeping pace with the latest web technologies we proudly offer you a classifieds software responsive template - Flatty, which works smoothly across multiple monitor sizes, screen resolutions, and platforms, be it a computer, tablet or a smartphone. Varying in color schemes and minor adjustments the Flatty template is available for every Flynax Script. The template features HTML5 and CSS3; all templates of this line have an adaptive design and are retina ready. We called the template Flatty because apart from being responsive, the template is built based on the latest web design trend - flat UI design, which doesn’t use three-dimensional effects such as drop shadows, gradients, or textures.

A new trend in web development

The approach to web development when you use one template for all platforms, be it a computer, tablet or a smartphone both in portrait and landscape view is becoming extremely popular today. The trend is characterized by a growing mobile device market, which is projected to reach 2.6 billion units by 2016. So switching to the classifieds responsive template is likely to drive more traffic to your site as the ability to use your site from different mobile devices will attract more users and make browsing your site easier and faster.

Advantages of the responsive template

The major advantage of the Flatty template is that content on the page is shown based on the size of the screen, for example page content has a standard view on computers. If you open the page on a tablet or a smartphone the elements on the page will scale and change their positions based on a set algorithm making use of the maximum screen width, which allows you to avoid horizontal scrolling in the browser. The Flatty template also supports high pixel density using high resolution graphics for devices with high PPI such as retina.

Flatty versus mobile version

With the responsive template you no longer need the mobile version because the template degrades perfectly down to smaller screen sizes changing font sizes, navigation menu, columns and images, and looks fine both on smartphones and tablets. Second, the mobile version is specifically designed for smartphones and feature phones, and doesn't look good on tablets, which have become increasingly popular over the last years, and are used a lot for online browsing. So, after applying the Flatty template to your site you'll be able to disable the mobile interface.

Key Features

Finally and importantly, Flatty is fully responsive meaning that all pages of the template respond to multiple monitor sizes, screen resolutions, and platforms. Let's take a short tour and see what features and advantages Flatty offers:

Home page

The Home page like the entire Flatty template was changed to meet the requirements of HTML5 and CSS3 and, of course, needs of our customers. We did our best to make it simple and solid leaving out all minor and outdated design elements. We added the Currency Converter to the Home page. The header of the template has a pre-defined position for a banner. The keyword search has a compact look in the menu bar expanding when clicked.

The main element on the Home page is a slider of featured listings, which is also adaptive to different monitor sizes. Basically, the Home page offers you a lot of flexibility in terms of adding different content boxes and sliders.

Listing Type page

Unlike our standard templates, which show main categories instead of ads on the listing type page (for example when you go to Autos), Flatty shows listings once you click on the listing type. Apart from listings the page offers the Filter plugin located in the sidebar. Coupled with the Filter plugin the page became more user-friendly offering an intuitive and flexible search option.

The page also features a new simplified listing grid offering three types of view: list, gallery and maps meaning that you no longer need to use the 'Listings on Maps' plugin because it is used in our classifieds software responsive template by default.

Listing Details page

The page became clearer and easier to read and use. We moved rating, views and share options to the bottom of the page so that the user could focus on important information. The photo gallery was significantly improved. We removed the video tab and put pictures and videos together into one multimedia gallery.

The first group of fields was moved next to the gallery so that the most important listing details could be found in one place. The sidebar is placed under the photo gallery offering brief information about the seller and a clickable screenshot of the maps ready to fill the entire screen with the Google maps when clicked. Plugin tabs and other listing details are also placed under the photo gallery.

Add a Listing page

The first step of the Add a Listing page looks nothing like it did before. With the listing types offered at the top of the page in the form of radio buttons and a neat dropdown below relating to a selected listing type you get a compact category dropdown. We replaced the inconvenient category tree with user-friendly interdependent dropdowns. After selecting a category in the main dropdown the script will load subcateogories of a selected category in another dropdown.

The plan selection page was also modified in terms of structure and look: plans were arranged into a line with all necessary information represented in self-explanatory form.

Seller page

The structure and look of the standalone Seller page were also drastically modified. In particular, we totally removed the tabs contained in the previous templates and moved all content to the main content area. Listings added by the dealer were moved to the content area as the most important element on the page. Seller's listings have a standard look with the ability to switch between list, gallery and maps view and pagination.

Seller details are enclosed into a box and moved to the sidebar with the ability to contact the seller using a standard contact form. The Google Maps are loaded as a screenshot to reduce page load time.