Support Policy

Support is a paid service provided by Flynax to its customers. Below you can find what is included in support and learn more about support tools.

With the purchase of the Software you get a month of free support (depending on a software package you chose). Support is optional, and you can extend it at any time.

Flynax Support includes guidance on the Software, which you can get through support tools shown below. By guidance we mean providing additional information on the software, help with site and plugin configuration, and directions to files, in which you can make required changes.

Support also offers making minor changes to the code taking no longer than an hour. Changes taking an hour and longer are regarded as customizations and are quoted based on our hourly rate. Support doesn't include management of your site, for example reviewing accounts, posting ads, installing plugins and other things that you are expected to do by yourself from the admin panel.

Customers with expired support can still download updates, language dumps, templates and other add-ons depending on their software packages from the Customer Area.

We send support invoices regularly to ensure that our customers can extend their support at any time. Support will start from the payment date.

Support Tools

Customer Area

Customer Area is your personal online office in Flynax building. You will get access to Customer Area once you purchase the Software. After logging into the Customer Area you will be able to download the latest version of Flynax Software, updates/upgrades, all plugins, templates, language packages and manuals. It also gives you the ability to update your profile, keep track of your invoices and request for support through our ticket system, live chat or forum.

Ticket System

Ticket System is a major support resource moderated on an hourly basis. You can use it for asking presales questions, requesting customizations or for reporting issues with the Software. We recommend using the Ticket System as it enables keeping track of your questions and our answers in one ticket (email). Normally we get back to our customers or prospects within 24 hours depending on complexity of a request and time zone. Submit a ticket


Flynax Forum is an interactive knowledge base that provides detailed description of processes or solutions to both frequent and complex issues. You will be able to ask a question if you have difficulty installing plugins or make suggestions regarding new features, templates, plugins etc. Moderated on a regular basis by Flynax Team the Forum is a reliable support resource for all Flynax customers. Our Forum is available to all registered customers.

Live Chat (pre-sales/support)

Live Chat is a quick and effective pre-sales tool that allows you to inquire about Flynax products in a real-time chat session. Live chat also offers such features as send a file through a chat, send a copy of chat transcript by email, print out a chat transcript or rate operator performance. Live Chat is mostly intended for discussing pre-sales questions but it also can be used for support purposes, for example for getting general guidance on the Software.