Can I change my domain after installation? Any fee?

You can always have your domain changed if you used a temporary/development domain or you think your domain doesn't meet your requirements. Changing a domain takes place on both ends: you, on your end, should get a new domain and set up DNS for it. After setting up DNS for the new domain send us a request from the email account that you use for your Flynax account. Once we change your domain you’ll need to set a license key for the site, or download a software copy for the new domain and install the site.  

NOTE: For license ownership protection reasons we don't satisfy domain change requests that are sent from email accounts, which are not associated with your Flynax account.

What happens after ordering the classifieds software?

After getting your order, an account will be generated in our system pending to be reviewed and confirmed. If your payment went through a confirmation email would be sent to you asking you to confirm your purchase by putting something like "I confirm the purchase" and sending it back to us.

We and our payment gateway take some time to check your payment. Normally we may take from one to a few hours to confirm a purchase. If everything is OK on both ends we'll activate your account and you'll get logins to the Customer Area, from where you'll be able to download the software and other products like themes, language packs and guides.

NOTE: Our payment provider may cancel your order if it is deemed suspicious, or ask for more information to make sure that a transaction is absolutely legal; we recommend sending all necessary information to confirm your purchase and have your account activated. But if you pay with your own card you're unlikely to have any problems with your order.

Is the source code of the software encrypted?

Our classifieds software has an encrypted license file, which is used solely for protection of Flynax copyright. That is, the file makes sure that your license is run on one domain, and is not used for collecting any information about license owner or its users. In no way does the file affect, limit or impair performance or customizations to the source code, or compromise security of your site. Activation of the file requires Zend Optimizer/Guard or ionCube. Before purchasing hosting make sure your hosting company has one of these applications installed.

What is included in support?

When you buy our classifieds software you get a month of free support with the software package that you’re given for the period of setting up your site.

A week before your support plan expires you’ll get a notification offering you to extend it. Support is optional and you may either extend it should need arise, or archive the support invoice. You can always restore the invoice and pay it; a support period will start from the day of payment.

Flynax Support includes:

  • guidance on the Software;
  • fixing Flynax native bugs;
  • making minor changes to the code taking no longer than an hour.

Support doesn't include management of your site and you're expected to do things that you can do from admin panel yourself. Unfortunately, we don’t offer a support delayed option and support period will start once you add your domain from the Customer Area.

Can I run the classifieds software on a few domains?

We offer a single-domain license. That is, the software can be downloaded and installed for a particular domain. However, you may run multiple copies of the software on subdomains and in subdirectories of the main domain, for instance:

  • one.yourdomain.com 
  • two.yourdomain.com 
  • www.yourdomain.com/new-site/ etc 

If you do want to run a few licenses/sites email us to sales@flynax.com and we’ll try to come up with the best offer for you.

What plugins come with the software?

The total number of plugins offered by Flynax is 80. All plugins are divided into two groups:

  • Free (45) and 
  • Premium (35) 

When you purchase the Basic Software package you get 45 free plugins with a license. You also may purchase premium plugins to boost functionality of your site when ordering the software. You can always purchase a plugin later from the admin panel of your site and install it with one click. To see all the free plugins that come with the license go to Plugins and select "Free Plugins" from the filter on the left.

Who owns the site and does Flynax get % of sales?

As you get the source code, all customizations made to it and all contents that will be added to your site after installation like listings, categories, sellers, text pages, images etc belong to you.

We don't control payments on your site nor do we get any % of sales made on your site.

Can I have a trial on my server?

Unfortunately, we don't provide trials that you can install on your server or locally. The only way to test our software is to request a free trial from Flynax and play with both back and front ends on our server.

If you're not sure you'll be able to customize it, you may request for a database structure or we can send you a piece of code so you could make sure you understand our code.

What is the difference between the scripts?

Basically all the scripts we offer have the same core and differ from each other in categories, templates and industry-oriented plugins. In view of the special nature of the escort script it has more differences with the other classifieds scripts.

Can I buy a template without purchasing the software?

Unfortunately, we don't sell premium templates without a license. In addition, all our templates are designed for Flynax powered classifieds sites only. To get a template you'll need to purchase a license and access to premium templates. We suggest that you play with our demo and probably you'll like our software too.

Can I customize the software, plugins and themes?

The fact that we offer unencrypted PHP software allows you to customize your site, themes and plugins without any limitations to meet your requirements. You may order customizations from Flynax Team or engage third party developers to make customizations for you.

Do you provide hosting?

We no longer offer hosting services, but we can give you some recommendations as to how choose hosting that supports Flynax software.

How soon will I get the software after purchase?

We follow a strict anti-scam policy, according to which we thoroughly check every order before activating your account and letting you download the software and other products. Normally the confirmation process might take from a few to 24 hours.

The confirmation process allows us to verify your email account because in some cases users don't get emails from us in view of a typo in an email account, and make sure that a payment was not made with a stolen card.

NOTE: Confirmation of new purchases on weekends might take some time due to the fact that we don't work full time on weekends.

Customer Area

How can I change the support plan?

To change your current support plan log into the Customer Area using your logins > Click Invoices > Find a support invoice > Click the Edit link to change support plan. Switching to a prolonged support period allows you to save up and make sure you'll have support at any time for an extended time period.


Is installation free and how long does it take?

You can always install the site by yourself following our Installation Guide. But if you find it difficult we're ready to install your site first time at no cost. To install your site we'll need your domain and cPanel logins that you may send after confirming your purchase. 

If your hosting meets our System Requirements and you provided valid cPanel details, then installation might take from 1 to 18 hours depending on server configurations and workload in our Installation Department.

NOTE: We install sites during working days; so, software bought on a weekend will be installed on Monday.

Can I install the software on a local machine?

You can always install the software on a local machine for development and testing purposes. Of course, we won't be able to help you with it because installation of the software on a local machine is out of our control and you'll need to do it by yourself. You'll need to set up a development environment that supports PHP and MySQL. We recommend Xumpp for Flynax, which is easy to install and use.

NOTE: We don't support local installations because reproducing issues in a remote environment is impossible.


Do you offer native mobile Apps?

We offer only native Applications developed with Objective C for iOS App and Java for Android.

Will mobile Apps have Flynax logo?

When you purchase an App you get a privately labeled App that will have your logo and we'll connect directly to your domain without the need to enter it every time. The App won't have Flynax branding and will be totally dedicated to your site. The price also includes adding custom fonts and colors.

After getting your request with all necessary details and graphics, which you'll need to send us from the Customer Area, we'll compile your App and publish it from your developer account at App Store or Play Market.

How to request an App?

You'll need to log into the Customer Area and request the Apps by filling out the form and providing all necessary data. Once you do so you'll get an invoice for each app, if you're buying both iOS and Android Apps. After paying the invoices you'll get emails from our Apps developers, who'll follow up on compiling and pubishing your Apps. 

If you already bought the Apps when placing an order for the software you'll need to go through the same procedure skipping the step of paying invoices just to provide necessary data for the Apps.

Do mobile Apps offer the functionality of the software?

The mobile Apps are light versions of our classifieds software and offer the most important features and functions that have been added to the Apps based on our findings and feedback from our customers. The purpose of the Apps is to show listings, which are loaded from the site database through a special plugin, and give users the ability to post and edit their ads using Apple and Android mobile devices, search for ads, purchase listing packages etc. The Apps offer push notifications for new messages. 

By default, the Apps come with three payment gateways: In-purchase App, PayPal and Google wallet. The Payment Gateways we offer for the software are not intended for the Apps, but some of them can be integrated into the Apps on a custom basis conditioned that they support mobile environment interface.

Similar to the software, the Apps offer a multilingual interface. The Apps come in all the langauges we offer for the software. 
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