Can I change my domain after installation? Any fee?

You can always have your domain changed if you used a temporary/development domain or you think your domain doesn't meet your requirements. Changing a domain takes place on both ends: you, on your end, should get a new domain and set up DNS for it. After pointing the new domain to your server you'll need to send us a request from the email address that you use for your Flynax account. Once we change your domain you’ll need to set a license key for the site, or download a script for the new domain and install the site.  

NOTE: For license ownership protection reasons we don't satisfy domain change requests that are sent from email accounts, which are not associated with your Flynax account.

What happens after ordering the classifieds software?

After getting your order, an account will be generated in our system pending to be reviewed and confirmed. If your payment went through a confirmation email would be sent to you asking you to confirm your purchase by putting something like "I confirm the purchase" and sending it back to us.

We and our payment gateway take some time to check your payment. Normally we may take from one to a few hours to confirm a purchase. If everything is OK on both ends we'll activate your account and you'll get logins to the Customer Area, from where you'll be able to download the script and other products like themes, language packs and guides.

NOTE: Our payment provider may cancel your order if it is deemed suspicious, or ask for more information to make sure that a transaction is absolutely legal; we recommend sending all necessary information to confirm your purchase and have your account activated. But if you pay with your own card you're unlikely to have any problems with your order.

Is the source code of the software encrypted?

Our classified scripts are 100% unencrypted, which means that you don’t need ZendGuard nor ionCube to run our software. More importantly, being unencrypted allows you to customize the scripts, plugins and templates to meet your requirements.

What is included in support?

When you buy our classifieds software you get a month of free support with the software package that you’re given for the period of setting up your site.

A week before your support plan expires you’ll get a notification offering you to extend it. Support is optional and you may either extend it should need arise, or archive the support invoice. You can always restore the invoice and pay it; a support period will start from the day of payment.

Flynax Support includes:

  • guidance on the Software;
  • fixing Flynax native bugs;
  • making minor changes to the code taking no longer than an hour.

Support doesn't include management of your site and you're expected to do things that you can do from admin panel yourself. Unfortunately, we don’t offer a support delayed option and support period will start once you add your domain from the Customer Area.

Can I run the classifieds software on a few domains?

We offer a single-domain license. That is, the software can be downloaded and installed for a particular domain. However, you may run multiple copies of the software on subdomains and in subdirectories of the main domain, for instance:

  • one.yourdomain.com 
  • two.yourdomain.com 
  • www.yourdomain.com/new-site/ etc 

If you do want to run a few licenses/sites email us to sales@flynax.com and we’ll try to come up with the best offer for you.

What plugins come with the software?

The total number of plugins offered by Flynax is 80. All plugins are divided into two groups:

  • Free (45) and 
  • Premium (35) 

When you purchase the Basic Software package you get 45 free plugins with a license. You also may purchase premium plugins to boost functionality of your site when ordering the script. You can always purchase a plugin later from the admin panel of your site and install it with one click.

Who owns the site and does Flynax get % of sales?

As you get the source code, all customizations made to it and all contents that will be added to your site after installation like listings, categories, sellers, text pages, images and other data belong to you.

We don't control payments on your site nor do we get any % of sales made on your site.

Can I have a trial on my server?

Unfortunately, we don't provide trials that you can install on your server or locally. The only way to test our classified scripts is to request a free trial from Flynax and play with both back and front ends on our server.

If you're not sure you'll be able to customize it, you may request for a database structure or we can send you a piece of code so you could make sure you understand our code.

What is the difference between our classified scripts?

Basically all the scripts we offer have the same core and differ from each other in categories, templates and industry-oriented plugins. In view of the special nature of the escort script it has more differences with the other classifieds scripts.

Can I buy a template without purchasing the software?

Unfortunately, we don't sell premium templates without a license. In addition, all our templates are designed for Flynax powered classifieds sites only. To get a template you'll need to purchase a license and access to premium templates. We suggest that you play with our demo and probably you'll like our software too.

Can I customize the script, plugins and themes?

The fact that we offer unencrypted PHP software allows you to customize your site, themes and plugins without any limitations to meet your requirements. You may order customizations from Flynax Team or engage third party developers to make customizations for you.

Do you provide hosting?

We no longer offer hosting services, but we can give you some recommendations as to how choose hosting that supports Flynax software.

How soon will I get the script after purchase?

We follow a strict anti-scam policy, according to which we thoroughly check every order before activating your account and letting you download the script and other products. Normally the confirmation process might take from a few to 24 hours.

The confirmation process allows us to verify your email account because in some cases users don't get emails from us in view of a typo in an email account, and make sure that a payment was not made with a stolen card.

NOTE: Confirmation of new purchases on weekends might take some time due to the fact that we don't work full time on weekends.

What do I need to start a classifieds site?

To start a classifieds site on Flynax and ensure hassle-free installation of the software you're supposed to have the following:

  • Domain. You may purchase a domain for your site from a Domain Registrar or get one with the purchase of a hosting package. We don't purchase domains for our customers, so you'll need to do it yourself. 
  • Hosting We recommend getting cPanel or Plesk hosting based on Linux, which ensures smooth installation and reliable performance of the software. Flynax doesn't provide hosting, but we may recommend the following Hosting Companies

After purchasing a hosting package you'll get an email with DNS details. Go back to the Domain Registrar and set up DNS for your domain in order to point your domain to the server. DNS propagation might take up to 24 hours. If you did everything right, you'll see Flynax installation wizard in your browser during installation. 

Of course, availability of a clear idea that you’re going to implement with Flynax is the most important thing.

Are your templates fully responsive?

All our templates are fully responsive and work equally fine on PCs and mobile devices representing the entire functionality of our classified script and plugins. The templates support high pixel density using high resolution graphics for devices with high PPI.

Are your classified scripts built on Wordpress or any other framework?

All our classified scripts are written in PHP by Flynax Team based on the MVC architecture, thus representing a unique CMS. Flynax uses MySQL as the database server and also different javascript libraries for making the user interface dynamic. All our templates run on smarty template engine.

Can I add custom fields, categories, types and manage forms?

Our classified scripts are highly flexible allowing you to manage almost all the elements you see in the front end of our demo sites. That is, you can add custom fields, categories, listing types and also manage registration, listing and search forms:

  • Listing types. Our classified script comes with 5 basic listing types or sections dedicated to a particular type of ads like cars, property, jobs etc. From Listing Type manager, you can add a new type of ads that you'll further be able to populate with custom categories. 

  • Categories. If you need a new category or subcategory, you can easily add it from back end of your site to a particular listing type, and populate it with custom fields.

  • Fields. The script allows you to add various types of fields to listing, registration and search forms from special field managers.

  • Layout. The layout of our templates is built with content boxes, which are used for displaying different types of content: listings, banners, textual information, Google AdSense and galleries. By changing positions or disabling boxes from back end you may rearrange the layout of your site completely.

Is the source code easy to customize?

Despite the fact that Flynax CMS offers a lot of features and functions it is written in simple PHP, which allows you to customize the source code to meet your requirements. You can customize both existing plugins and add custom ones. For customizing Flynax you need to know PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and some coding experience. 

Of course learning the new system might take some time. But once you learn it you'll be able to modify it as professionally as Flynax Team does it.

Can I buy premium products: Apps, themes and plugins later?

All our premium products like mobile Apps, premium themes and plugins are optional, and you may purchase later either from the Customer Area or from the back end of your site. What you really need to start a classified site is the basic software package that includes a classified script, free template and 43 plugins. Although we recommend purchasing premium templates along with the software package, if you plan to get them at some point in the future, in order to avoid inconvenience associated with uploading the themes to your site through FTP. When you purchase premium themes along with the software package you get them already built-in.

Do we offer lifetime bug fixing?

We assume full responsibility for our products and we're ready to fix Flynax native bugs at any time at no cost conditioned that they're not connected to incompatibilities between old and later versions of the software and plugins. We don't regard version incompatibilities as bugs. The only solution to resolving such incompatibility issues is upgrading to the latest version of the script or plugin.

Can I use premium themes and plugins on another site/license?

All premium plugins or themes you bought for a particular domain can be used on the designated domain only. For instance, if you purchase the Banners plugin for www.domain01.com, you’ll need to purchase another copy of the plugin or premium themes for www.domain02.com too because premium plugins and themes are intended for a particular domain.

Is the price for the software a one-time payment?

We do not offer any subscription-based products and by making a one-time payment of 195 USD you get a lifetime software license.

What is included in the basic software license?

  • Unencrypted source code 
  • 43 free plugins 
  • A responsive template (Flatty series) 
  • A month of free support 
  • Bug fixes and update patches 
  • All language translations 
  • Ability to remove Flynax branding 
  • Free installation by Flynax 
  • Manuals and guides

NOTE: The basic license does not include Premium templates nor Premium plugins.

Do I get a demo set-up after the purchase?

The demo sites were specifically set up to demonstrate advantages and strengths of our classified scripts. For this reason, we installed both free and premium plugins and themes, so you could play with all our products on a live site.

Buying a basic software license for 195 USD you get a basic software package that includes only free plugins and template, and your site won’t look similar to the demo set-up. To get a demo set-up you'll need to:

  • Purchase premium plugins worth 50-150 USD;
  • Purchase access to premium templates;
  • Rearrange the layout from the back end of your site.

At your request we can upload demo listings to your site at no extra cost.

NOTE: Even if you purchase all those premium products you'll need to install and set up them to make your site look like our demo. If you have any questions setting up site and plugins, you can always ask us for guidance.

Customer Area

How can I change the support plan?

To change your current support plan log into the Customer Area using your logins > Click Invoices > Find a support invoice > Click the Edit link to change your support plan. Switching to a prolonged support period allows you to save up and make sure you'll have support at any time for an extended time period. Likewise, you may downgrade your support plan to extend your support for a shorter period.


Is installation free and how long does it take?

You can always install the site by yourself following our Installation Guide. But if you find it difficult we're ready to install your site first time at no cost. To install your site, we'll need your domain and cPanel logins that you may send after confirming your purchase. 

If your hosting meets our System Requirements and you provided valid cPanel details, then installation might take from 1 to 18 hours depending on server configurations and workload in our Installation Department.

NOTE: We install sites during working days, so if you purchased a license on weekend you may expect installation by our Team on Monday.

Can I install the software on a local machine?

You can always install the software on a local machine for development and testing purposes. Of course, we won't be able to help you with it because installation of the software on a local machine is beyond our control and you'll need to do it by yourself. You'll need to set up a development environment that supports PHP and MySQL. We recommend Xumpp for Flynax, which is easy to install and use.

NOTE: We don't support local installations because reproducing issues in a remote environment is impossible.


Do you offer native mobile Apps?

We offer only native Applications developed with Objective C for iOS App and Java for Android.

Will mobile Apps have Flynax logo?

When you purchase an App you get a privately labeled App that will have your logo and we'll connect directly to your domain without the need to enter it every time. The App won't have Flynax branding and will be totally dedicated to your site. The price also includes adding custom colors.

After getting your request with all necessary details and graphics, which you'll need to send us from the Customer Area, we'll compile your App and publish it from your developer account at App Store or Play Market.

How to request an App?

You'll need to log into the Customer Area and request the Apps by filling out the form and providing all necessary data. Once you do so you'll get an invoice for each app, if you're buying both iOS and Android Apps. After paying the invoices you'll get emails from our Apps developers, who'll follow up on compiling and publishing your Apps. 

If you already bought the Apps when placing an order for the software you'll need to go through the same procedure skipping the step of paying invoices just to provide necessary data for the Apps.

Do mobile Apps offer the functionality of the software?

The mobile Apps are light versions of our classifieds software and offer the most important features and functions that have been added to the Apps based on our findings and feedback from our customers. The purpose of the Apps is to show listings, which are loaded from the site database through a special plugin, and give users the ability to post and edit their ads using Apple and Android mobile devices, search for ads, purchase listing packages etc. The Apps offer push notifications for new messages.

By default, the Apps come with three payment gateways: In-purchase App, PayPal and Google wallet. The Payment Gateways we offer for the software are not intended for the Apps, but some of them can be integrated into the Apps on a custom basis conditioned that they support mobile environment interface.

Similar to the software, the Apps offer a multilingual interface. The Apps come in all the languages we offer for the software.

What do I need to publish my Android App?

To publish your Android App on Google Play, you'll need to create a Google Play Developer account first. At the final step of creating an account you'll be asked to pay a $25 USD one-time registration fee that you can pay with your credit or debit card.

After getting a Developer account you'll need to purchase an App and submit a request for App to Flynax from the Customer Area (See how to request an App above). 

You'll also need to prepare a description for your App that will be shown on the App page while Fynax Team will compile your App.

NOTE: If you don't plan to publish your App on Google Play, you may just post an APK file on your site, so that your users could download and install it on their Android devices.

What do I need to publish my iOS App?

To publish your iOS App on App Store, you'll need to create an Apple Developer Program account first. At the final step of creating an account you'll be asked to pay an annual fee of $99 USD that you can pay with your credit or debit card.

After getting a Developer account you'll need to purchase an App and submit a request for an App to Flynax from the Customer Area (See how to request an App above).

You'll also need to prepare a description for your App that will be shown on the App page while Fynax Team will compile your App.


How can I submit a support ticket?

If you have a problem with the software, plugin or templates you can always submit a ticket to our Support Department (Select Technical Support).

Our Tech Department is divided into three subdivisions depending on complexity of the problem reported. If your request is connected to settings or minor changes, we’ll get back to you within a few hours with results or guidance. If you reported a bug or error then the ticket will be escalated to Support Level 2, and consequently might take longer. Critical and complex tickets are escalated to Support Level 3.

When submitting a ticket, please make sure that:

  • You've entered an email address associated with your Flynax account, if you're a customer; 
  • You've described the problem in every detail so we could reproduce it on our end;
  • You've attached all necessary files and screenshots to speed up resolution.

If you don't remember sending us your cPanel or FTP logins, please attach them to the ticket in order to avoid getting a request for those details from us.

I still have support, why did you send me an invoice?

Support invoices are generated automatically by the system a week before expiration of your support period to make sure that you may extend it in advance. Support is optional, and If you don't need it you can hide the invoice by archiving it:

Log into your Customer Area > My invoices > Check the box for a pending invoice > Click Archive at the bottom of the page.

You can always restore the invoice and extend your support period by paying it. Support will start from the date of payment.

How to get premium templates after the purchase?

If you didn't purchase premium templates when placing an order for the software, you can always purchase them later. Installing a premium template is done in two steps:

Requesting an invoice and buying templates:
  • Sign in to the Customer Area using your logins; 
  • Go to "Templates" and click "Request Access" link in the text; 
  • After clicking the link an invoice will be generated and notification sent; 
  • Go to "My Invoices" to pay the pending invoice (95 USD); 
  • After paying the invoice go back to the "Templates" tab; 
  • Now you may download a premium template and upload it to your site. 

Uploading a template through cPanel:
  • Log in to cPanel of your site; 
  • Go to File Manager and click public_html; 
  • Go to the "Templates" subdirectory; 
  • Click the Upload button and select a template you downloaded; 
  • Select the zipped folder with a theme and click "Unzip/Extract" button; 
  • Remove the zipped folder with a template once you're done; 
  • Go to the back end > basic settings > template and select a template. 

Uploading a template through an FTP client:
  • Unzip the template folder before connecting to the server; 
  • Connect to your server through an FTP client (e.g FileZilla); 
  • Open the "Templates" subdirectory in the client; 
  • Upload the unzipped folder with a theme to the "Templates" subdirectory; 
  • Go to the back end > basic settings > template and select a template.

Custom Project

How to write a requirements specification?

Why requirements specification is really important?
A requirements specification is a file that describes how your custom module should work and look like. A detailed description coupled with screenshots or design is an important element that is vital for successful implementation of the project. A clearly worded specification allows you to:

  • Get an accurate quote. If your requirements specification is incomplete and superficial then you may end up paying more for things that were not well described or missing from the spec. 
  • Get an accurate time frame. We always give a time frame based on the specification we get. If you keep adding more details to it then a deadline for your project will be put off accordingly. 
  • Avoid delays in implementation. We won't be able to move faster with your customizations until we fully understand how things should work, which will result in additional questions and putting extra effort into providing more details. 

In other words, a requirements specification is a textual code that you send to our heads to make us do the things you want. The better code you'll write the better and faster result you'll get.

How to write a requirements specification?
Even though a requirements specification sounds like a document with lots of technical terms in reality it is merely an algorithmic description of the things you want to get. When we say "algorithmic" we imply describing a custom module from step A to step Z, for instance you want a custom functionality when a user can get points on the site in reward for something. All you need to do is to visualize the entire process from A to Z and put it algorithmically, for instance:

A. A user logs in to the site (meaning a user should be logged in to do the thing);
B. Then he clicks the button, and is taken to the page...;
C. If he has a free package he will get a notice saying...;
D. If he has a premium package he will click and will get 5 points.
E. Using the points he will be able to do...etc.

The textual algorithm will help you make sure you've covered all the steps of your custom module. A similar description backed up with screenshots will give us a panoramic view of your custom functionality, allow us to faster figure out points of contact with the software basic functionality, and will speed up development significantly.

Before sending us your requirements specification check it against the list below:

  • All the elements engaged in the custom module are included and described;
  • Make sure you provided screenshots or design for a custom module.
  • Make sure your algorithmic description is clear and complete.
  • Make sure you’ve added extra comments and suggestions, if any.

How can I get a quote for a customization(s)?

Customizations are reviewed and quoted by members of Flynax Team based on your specification. To learn more about how to write a good specification check the FAQ above.

We recommend submitting for a quote in two steps:

1. First we recommend sending a preliminary description of a customization that will allow us to get an idea and tell you for sure if we'll be able to make the customization or not. If we have sufficient resources and time for your customization, then you'll be able to provide us with a more detailed document. At this stage we'll be able to give you a rough estimate, so you could take a decision before purchasing the script or ordering a customization. In addition, that might save both you and us a lot of time.

2. Sending a more detailed specification will allow us to evaluate the scope, and get a more accurate quote based on the time required for making a customization(s). Basically we need a document with a detailed and consistent description and preferably with screenshots. After reviewing your spec we'll give you a final quote and time frame. Of course, making changes to the spec might result in changing an agreed quote.

NOTE: Unfortunately, we don't discuss customizations to our software on the phone in order to avoid misunderstanding. In addition, some customizations are reviewed and quoted in a group.

How much do you charge per hour of coding?

We charge a general rate of $30/hour for customizations to the software, plugins and themes and $40/hour for customizations to the mobile Apps. Quotes for custom coding are given based on the number of hours required for making a customization, for instance if a customization is going to take us 2 hours then it will cost you 60 USD, and 80 USD accordingly.

Can I get a custom design integrated to my site?

We can integrate a custom template to Flynax script following your design and comments. We integrate fully responsive templates powered by bootstrap, and ensuring cross-browser compatibility. To learn more about what is needed for integrating a custom template you may refer to our Guidelines for Custom Template Integration.

NOTE: All our temlates include Sass, which allows you or your developers customize or integrate templates faster and more effectively.

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