Basic SEO Package

Flynax is a SEO/SMO friendly classifieds software that can show really good results in SERPS if set up adroitly. If you're not quite knowledgeable about SEO then our service is here to promptly help you get your site up and running bypassing the common pitfalls and saving the valuable time.

The Basic SEO/SMO package is designed to help you implement a range of measures (on both sides) to better optimize the search properties of your classifieds site enabling your potential users to easier land on your site thus increasing traffic and profit.

SEO illustration

What does the SEO package include?

We'll perform the following as part optimization:

  • Installation and setting up search engine and social network plugins;
  • Removing Flynax branding and adding your logo and favicon;
  • Explaining how to get the most suitable keywords for your site;
  • Provision of guidance on writing proper titles and meta descriptions;
  • Provision of other valuable recommendations and guidance.

How is it going to help your site?

The basic SEO/SMO package, once applied to your website, will result in increased search position and targeting of your content thus leading to better search rating of the website based on selected keywords. With all that, you should not expect the SEO package to perform miracles; the one thing that you may definitely expect from our SEO package is for your site to be distinguished from thousands of similar others on the Internet.

The primary designation of the SEO package is to give your website a head-start and help it get noticed by the search engines readying it for further plain sailing on the web. The cost of the package includes a premium Facebook Connect plugin which comes as a pleasant bonus with the purchase.

Why is it only $95?

We believe that the price of $95 is fair for the basic SEO/SMO configuration of the script. The budget of a more in-depth Internet promotion campaign with a complex site promotion strategy may be as high as $1000 according to SEO companies' rates. A relatively inexpensive cost of our package is justified by its interactive nature meaning that both you and we will do a fair share of the work.

We will perform all the tech tweaks by ourselves providing you with valuable recommendations that would guide you towards the required information. Your job, based on our guidance, will be to collect all the required information and obtain insight into how the SEO tools work in admin panel.