Using classifieds clones for your site

When you look at successful money making classifieds sites like Zillow, Craigslist or Gumtree, you might wonder if it is possible to create a close clone of those giants and try to achieve the same level of success. Although you're unlikely to achieve the same level of success you can definitely benefit from using a classifieds clone for your site.

Why people tend to use classifieds clones?

Basically a clone implies that you create an identical copy of a classifieds site, but in reality most people mean a close copy of a site, which might be similar to an original in look and functionality.

The trend of using clones of popular classifieds sites is characterized by a human trait to copy things that are successful in the hope of making as much, or at least half as much, money as the original does. Using clones of classifieds sites works in much the same way.
There are few reasons why to use a classifieds clone:

1. Using a clone allows you to avoid a lot of problems and difficulties that are common for sites built from scratch or for heavily customized scripts. Clones have functionality and features which have been tried and tested on thousands of users;

2. Themes of large portals are made according to the best usability standards, and offer nice color schemes; classifieds clones copy their themes to a certain degree, which is a load of your mind, and you won't have to bother whether users will like your design or not;

3. If a classifieds site has a large audience it means that your site is likely to generate good traffic too due to overall impression, availability of wanted functions and features and usability.

Pros and cons of using classifieds clones

Users' attitude to clones is ambivalent: on the plus side, you get most of the features and functionality of a large classified site; you don't have to think up new features as they are already in the clone script. User interface is also well developed and user friendly.

Are there any cons of launching a clone site? There are absolutely none if you follow tips below. However, there are mistakes that many people tend to make when cloning a large site and we would like to keep you from repeating them. Top three mistakes that might prevent you from succeeding when cloning a successful classified ads portal are:

1. If you're starting a clone in the same region when the original operates be prepared that some of visitors might take your site as a fake, however if users are not aware of the original, you might win over your audience;

2. If you entirely clone the design, you might face some legal issues with owners of the original site;

3. Trying to entirely clone a major classifieds portal might result in disappointment because they are custom projects with hundreds of man hours and thousands of dollars invested into them, and it is naive to think that you can get an identical copy for a few hundred dollars. If you are not ready to put a great deal of effort and spend a lot of money, you need to realize that it will not be easy to entirely imitate the site.

If someone offers you a script that claims to create an exact copy of a major classifieds site or claims that their classifieds clones work better than originals, you need to be highly skeptical about it; this being said, it is possible to clone a giant classifieds site to a certain extent and get similar functionality and design. We highly recommend that you primarily focus on functionality and features and retain your own style and design so that it looks original and unique.

What close classifieds clones can Flynax offer you?

Flynax is a recognized expert in developing PHP classified ads scripts; we are familiar with the most renowned classifieds portals and may offer you clones that will allow you to closely imitate some massive classifieds sites. With the Flynax script, its features, templates, numerous plugins, minor design changes and content management you may recreate the following classifieds clones:

Web trends indicate that classified clones are in high demand nowadays because classifieds business is on the rise and more and more people prefer to buy and trade online. If you decided to start a classifieds clone, we'd recommend that you do so based on tips from this page. Firstly think about features and functionality, try to create your own style and be different from others. We believe that Flynax has all the tools and expertise in helping you achieve it.