All-In-One Classified Script

Users favor all-in-one scripts because it has been a consistent trend for the past several years and it will be for the years to come. All-in-one classifieds script allows webmasters to capture more traffic and appeal to more users. The underlying concept of the all-in-one classifieds script is for a user to be able to find everything in one place.

If you are one of many webmasters wishing to start your site with the all-in-one classifieds script, you are on the right track. All of us here at Flynax hold a firm belief that our script has everything it needs to be called an all-in-one classifieds script. However, it is more important for us to know that our potential customers share our views, when it comes to understanding what an all-in-one script means. We would like to take this opportunity and bring advantages of our script into sharper focus for you. Although we understand that you may have your ideas regarding what an all-in-one script is, we do hope that we are more or less on the same page.


Added to the flexible functionality and multiple features, our all-in-one classifieds script offers you 83 plugins, out of which you will get 42 free plugins. We firmly believe that a script is judged primarily by its functionality and the plugins give you a great way of boosting it.


We understand that it is essential to give you as many options as possible regarding the choice of a template for your site. Currently, we offer 5 state-of-the-art templates designed with an insight into classifieds area and conforming to the latest web trends, such as HTML 5 and CSS3. We are working on new templates to give you even more options and they’ll be added to the all-in-one script in the near future. All of our templates are fully responsive, user friendly and may be easily customized and tailored to your needs, provided that you know a thing or two about HTML and CSS.

Search on the Google Maps

As we stated above, the concept of the all-in-one is for a user to find everything in one place. With this in mind, we are committed to enhancing users’ search experience and offer them the ability to search on the Google Maps aside from a regular search option. Our all-in-one script offers a Map Search for all listing types, be it a property, a car or any other item. The search on the Maps is particularly essential for a real estate site allowing users to find amenities located conveniently close to a property they are viewing. The Search on Maps also saves time for users since they can simply open the Maps and browse active listings in any area.

Unencrypted Code

Another prerequisite for an all-in-one classifieds script is the unencrypted code allowing you to make customizations to it. When we write the code, we always bear in mind that our users may customize it in the future. With this in mind, we always aim for clean architecture and simple code so that you may easily customize it and make your site truly unique. With our all-in-one script, you get fully unencrypted code without any restrictions on customizations.

The list may go on to include other criteria applicable to our vision of the all-in-one classifieds script. Some users can’t imagine their site without the native mobile apps both for IOS and Android environments, others wish to have as many payment gateways as possible to be able to receive payments from users all over the world.

You may have your own criteria, by which you judge an all-in-one classifieds script, although we hope that our views are more or less similar. Lastly, the most crucial criterion of the all-in-one classifieds script is its flexibility. With our all-in-one classifieds script, you also get the opportunity to easily tailor it to your needs and get an advanced classifieds script for your business.