About Us

What is Flynax?

Flynax is a software company that delivers classified scripts for businesses big and small, as well as private owners. Insightful knowledge of classifieds software solutions coupled with many years of experience and passion for what we do enables us to deliver second-to-none classified scripts available in the market today. Founded as a one-man company, over the years, Flynax grew into a big IT company, which is now one of the leaders in the classifieds solution business.

What we do?

We develop and support our own classified scripts. Flynax programmers employ creative approach and modern web solutions making our software unique among other companies. We help our customers to realize their business goals and give life to their most bold ideas. Having helped hundreds of customers who are now running their successful sites, we are fully equipped and ready to help you as well. Constant software quality control and flexible pricing policy are the two things valued by our customers.

Our team

Flynax is a team of professional web developers, support and sales operators, all working towards the same goals and objectives. Each member of the Flynax Team is bringing his own unique set of experience, ideas and expertise into the product perfecting it with each new update. Our team goals are the following:

  • Develop the best classifieds software;
  • Always perfect the script to meet challenging market demands;
  • Help you realize your business goals and launch your web-business.

How it all began

Back in those days, the future company's owner spent countless hours harboring the idea for two years straight and researching the market. The initial product was first tested by individual owners whose soon-to-become successful businesses provided confidence for founding the company. In 2007, two like-minded geeks joined him and that was how Flynax was established as a company dedicated to developing classifieds software scripts. As time went by, more people joined Flynax to meet growing market demand for the script and as of today the company’s staff adds up to 25 professionals with extensive knowledge in web programming and passion for what they do.


Again thanks for all Team of Flynax, keep going, you are the best, and special thanks for Viktor.
Best Regards