Classifieds Software Overview

Similar to the theory that the life originated in the ocean the origin of our classifieds software started with the ocean too, or to be precise with boats and yachts, which navigate in the ocean and for which the new software was intended. The original name of the Company and of the product was reefLESS hoping that the way for our software will be free of reefs and other obstacles. Even though we didn't hit the reefs we had to overcome difficulties of an online start-up and always fight our doubts when writing the code whether we'll be able to take our niche in the market or not, which was already taken by a few classifieds developers by that time.

It took us a year to write a code of our first script. All doubts dispelled, the first version of our classifieds software released, full of positive expectations. We still remember our first customer. It was a moment of truth that all our efforts weren’t a waste of time but the real attempt to succeed in the classifieds software market. Flynax took its first breath with version 3.2 when the Company was also rebranded into Flynax. Having covered a long way Flynax was taken to new heights and performance setting a new benchmark in the classifieds area.


Today we offer six classifieds scripts: Classified Ads Software, Auto Classifieds, Real Estate Classifieds, Boat Classifieds, Pet Classifieds and Escort Agency.

If you plan to launch a classifieds site or a directory with various sections and categories or add your custom categories and fields then the classifieds software is the best choice because it is SEO friendly, reliable and extremely flexible.

Whether you are a private seller or a car dealer you can start your own car classifieds site or a directory for selling or renting cars with Auto Classifieds script that comes with all makes and models and a number of powerful plugins.

Designed for selling and renting properties online Real Estate Classifieds software is a professional solution that allows you to advertise both users' properties and agents or agencies generating their individual pages on subdomains.

Unlimited by available boat and yacht categories the Boat Classifieds software allows you to launch your own site for selling or renting boats and yachts and populate it with ads using our XML Import add-on in openmarine format.

Made mainly for selling pets the Pet Classifieds software can also be used for selling various animals and insects or for starting an animal shelter giving users the ability to add a full description and share their pets in social networks.

Using our Escort Agency script you can easily open your own escort site both for private escorts and for escort agencies. You also can adjust your escort site to work like a model agency or another site offering similar services.


php Flynax Software is a PHP script developed based on the MVC architecture representing a unique CMS, which supports a plugin system, graphical templates (smarty template engine) and language system. Flynax uses MySQL as the database server and also different javascript libraries for making the user interface dynamic. We try to keep pace with the latest technologies and web trends adding new and wanted things to every update.


Features and flexibility are tightly interconnected: the more features classifieds software has the more flexible it is. Flynax offers an impressive list of admin and user features that give you enough flexibility to start a classifieds site dedicated to a particular product or a large portal with various sections and categories from admin panel without getting into the code.

For example you can easily rearrange structure of your site, add custom sections with their own categories, plans and fields, add custom pages, build listing and registration forms etc.

If you're looking for extra functionality you can check our plugins that we regularly release and update in order to boost the software basic functionality. With every update or upgrade we add more features to make Flynax even more flexible and functionally powerful.

SMO & SEO Friendly

Apart from standard search engine optimization functions like building SEO friendly URLs, Flynax also gives you the ability to build meta description, keywords and listing titles with field values - that is, you can select fields, values of which will be used for generating URLs. You have nothing to worry about when changing the order of fields because the system will find the latest listing of the two and mark it as the main one allowing you to avoid duplicate content in search engines.

For indexing links you can use our Sitemap plugin that generates XML sitemap files for Google and Yahoo. The last version of our classifieds scripts use canonical meta tags to prevent duplicate content in case of sorting or filtering. The software has a clear division between contents of different language versions, which allows you to increase content of your site and traffic to it accordingly.


Along with the impressive feature list Flynax also offers an impressive list of powerful plugins numbering as many as 70+ plugins. Plugins are a good way to add extra functionality to your site. After choosing an appropriate plugin in the admin panel of your site you'll be able to install it with one click.

Among the most popular plugins are Banners, CSV/XLS Listing Export/Import, Multi-field/Geo filtering, Shopping Cart & Bidding, Booking, Listing Box, Field-bound boxes, Listing Box, Filters, a number of payment gateways and many others. Plugins are a good way to add extra functionality to a site.

We add new plugins on a regular basis to ensure that you get the most important and wanted functions and features at the right time.

iOS and Android Applications

To ensure cross-platform presence of your classifieds script Flynax offers two mobile applications: FlyDroid for Android devices and iFlynax for iPhones and iPods. The Applications come in two versions: free and paid. The Applications connect to your site through special plugins provided by Flynax. Using the iFlynax and FlyDroid agents or sellers can easily post their ads with their mobile devices right on the go.

Standard and Responsive Templates

Every script comes with a few standard templates and a responsive one called Flatty. The responsive template is an easy and effective way to satisfy browsing needs of both mobile and PC users because it works equally fine on computers, tablets and smartphones ensuring cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility. That is, enjoying the same functionality your users will be able to access and use your site from their computers, tablets and smartphones.

Built on HTML5 and CSS3 our responsive template can smoothly transform itself to width of the browser. In addition, the Flatty template supports devices with high pixel density giving your users unbelievable mobile experience.

Lifetime Updates and Upgrades

To add new features and fix reported bugs Flynax releases updates and upgrades on a regular basis. Update is a build/patch that contains new features and improvements; updates are available to all Flynax customers, and can be downloaded from Customer Area.

Upgrade is a major version release of our classifieds software, which offers improved architecture, usability, functionality and performance. Normally all Flynax upgrade from Customer Area at no cost after its release. Normally all Flynax upgrades come with data importing scripts allowing you to transfer your data from the previous version to a new one.


When you start a classifieds site it is very important that you have support so you could get guidance or a solution in a timely manner. You get a month of free support with the SemiFly, 2 months with Fly and ,3 months with FullFly packages. Although Flynax support is a paid service it is optional and you can extend it when you need it. Our support includes the following tools:

  • Presales Live Chat can be used for pre-sales conversations and for reporting urgent issues or questions.
  • Ticket System is a reliable way to submit your customizations or report an issue. After submitting a ticket you'll get a reply to your email.
  • Customer Area is a download area where you can find the latest versions, updates, plugins, templates, languages or pay your invoices.
  • Forum is a perfect place to discuss your question or idea with other Flynax customers.