Custom Project

Despite the fact that our classified scripts and plugins offer a number of useful features still there are some things missing from our products due to the fact that it is almost impossible to make a classifieds script that would meet requirements of all users; because some may want to clone a popular classifieds portal while others will request to add custom functionality.

Realizing the need for customizations we offer you Flynax script as a reliable platform for building a custom classifieds site. Normally we build only classifieds projects because our software is mainly intended for classified ads and we consider ourselves experts in this area.

We're ready to build a custom project or integrate a custom template following your requirements specification. The page shows examples and represents a short guide for writing a good requirements specification and approaching us with your custom project.

Why us?

There are a lot of skilled third party developers who may perform custom code changes for you; however, Flynax has a range of advantages:

Best knowledge of code

We have created the script and know all of its ins and outs, and many of the things that other developers would overlook.

Professional approach

When assessing code changes, we make sure they will not cause compatibility issues or conflict with other features and plugins.

Quality assurance

You may expect wise technical decisions and а final product that fully meets your needs. Should any bugs surface at any time in the future, we will fix them for free.

What is the first step?

When you have finally chosen Flynax to perform your custom project, it is important to know how to get the ball rolling and start the process. Despite being ready to make various customizations we might be unwilling to make some of them because we may be understaffed at the time when you request a modification or we may view your customization as incompatible with our script concept.

With this in mind, we recommend splitting negotiations for a custom functionality into two steps:

  • Sending a general description so you could get either YES or NO;
  • If YES, send us a detailed requirements specification;

We are asking for a general description first because it saves much of our time. A detailed requirement specification may take an hour or two of concentrated reading even before we may say whether we’ll take on this project or not. With a general description, we may quickly get an idea of your custom project and give you a “YES” or “NO” answer.

Requirements specification

After we have read a general description of your custom project and given you a positive answer, we will ask you for a requirement specification that describes how your custom module should work and look like. A detailed description coupled with screenshots or design is an important element that is vital for successful implementation of the project. A clearly worded specification allows you to:

  • Get an accurate quote
  • Get an accurate time frame
  • Avoid delays in implementation

In other words, a requirements specification is a textual code that you send to our heads to make us do the things you want. The better code you'll write the better and faster result you'll get.

How to write a requirements specification?

Even though a requirements specification sounds like a document with lots of technical terms in reality it is merely an algorithmic description of the things you want to get. When we say "algorithmic" we imply describing a module or customization from step A to step Z, for instance you want a custom functionality when a user is credited with a number of points in reward for something. All you need to do is to visualize how a user does something and receives his points. Algorithmically, it may look like this:

  • A user logs in to the site (by this you imply that a user should be logged in);
  • Then he clicks on a listing and navigates to its details page;
  • Then he leaves a comment and is awarded 5 points in return;
  • Then you think, that it is reasonable to limit the number of points awarded per day to 25;
  • When a user posts a fifth comment, he gets a pop-up notification saying that all further comments will not earn him any points;
  • The user will be able to use points to upgrade membership plans and purchase other paid services on your site.

As you can see, from the above description and logically laid-out steps, we may get a clear idea of what you want without the need for additional questions. When writing your own requirement specification, make sure you describe all the steps a user makes when interacting with your custom feature. This way, we will get a panoramic picture of how you want this functionality to work.

Although the idea of writing requirements specification may sound daunting and off-putting and some customers may think that only technically-adept webmasters may write a good requirements specification; in reality, what we need is nothing more than a detailed file where you describe in simple words how you want the feature to work, with screenshots attached, if possible.

Even if we fail to understand some of your ideas, we will send you a list of follow-up questions and won’t start work on the project unless we are 100% certain of what you want and how it must work.

Skype/Phone discussions of requirements specification

Although some customers may think that it is simpler to discuss modifications over the phone/skype, we refuse to discuss customizations via Skype/phone for reasons below. Normally, we assemble a small team that is responsible for performing a customization (range of customizations) on your website and it may not be always easy to make sure they’re all present during a call.

A detailed email from you has a range of advantages over a phone discussion: it ensures that we always have the data available to other members of Flynax team. Due to intensive workload, we may forget some details from a phone call and it’s impossible to retrieve them whereas we can always pull up the content of an email and re-read it. Most importantly, phone calls normally require that we think quickly and reply straight away, which is rather complicated taking into account that we discuss technical issues. Having performed hundreds of modifications for various customers, we came to a conclusion that emails/tickets ensure more effective communication and help avoid misunderstanding.

Changes to requirements specification

When people consider starting a custom project, they tend to have a lot of ideas which may change with time. This is fairly normal for an emerging project; however, what we expect from you is requirements specification that is finalized and unlikely to be modified.

We are stressing this because requirements specification cannot be modified without the Company’s consent once the agreement has been made. Furthermore, a customer who often changes or adds new functionality to an already agreed scope of work doesn’t look too serious. Just think from a developer’s perspective, he spends time working on your project and later finds out that it needs to work in a different way because the customer suddenly had a change of heart.

So, once you have written requirements specification where you have described your project in detail, we advise that you sleep on it for a couple of more days in case you have some more ideas. That being said, we on our part, are trying to be as flexible as possible and should you have extra modifications to customizations already implemented and delivered according to your requirements specification, we will quote them separately on a case-by-case basis.

Premium Support

For VIP customers and custom projects requiring special attention, we may offer you premium support and assign a product manager that will be dedicated solely to your project. His responsibilities are as follows:

  • Personal product manager;
  • Creating tasks and assigning them to developers based on your requirements specification;
  • Explaining the tasks to developers;
  • Ensuring that tasks are completed within deadlines;
  • Installation and maintenance of code control system (GIT);
  • Managing development and production versions of your site;
  • Code review;
  • Testing and debugging;
  • Our expertise, consultancy and tips in view of product knowledge;
  • Skype Support.

Premium Support is paid on a monthly basis; the cost is discussed at the time of your request. Modifications are quoted separately.

Setting deadlines

Customers sometimes may request a fixed deadline for performing customizations; however, due to nature of coding, we reserve the right to either shorten or realistically extend a deadline. We on our part do everything to honor the deadlines and deliver the work on time but in some cases, while developing a customization, we may ask you to answer some additional questions or provide data. If you take too long to provide the required information, that may be the reason for extending a deadline simply because we can’t proceed until we have all the required information from you.

When we complete a customization, it does not mean that the work is over. After a delivery, a testing period begins on your part during which you take a customization for a drive and see if it works just like you wanted it. If not, you make a list of comments, back them up with screenshots and send them to us.

Flynax Team shall fix bugs based on your comments made within agreed requirements specifications. Then we will deliver a final customization that fully meets your requirements. As you can see, performing a custom modification is a multistep procedure involving both you and Flynax Company and a fixed deadline may not always work for the reasons outlined above. With that said, if you reply to our queries in a timely manner, we will do our best to deliver the customization on time or even sooner.

Interaction with third party developers

We provide 100% open source code meaning that you can customize the script yourself or hire a third party developer to perform a customization for you. In fact, many of our customers have successfully had our script modified with the help of third party developers.

However, if you choose to deal with a third party developer, make sure that he brings your customization to completion because if your developer abandons your project half-way, we will refuse to finish or modify customizations by third party developers irrespective of what stage of completeness they are. Since we didn’t participate in a customization that was partially completed by a third party developer, we cannot guarantee its compatibility with our script nor predict issues that may arise. Therefore, when you ask us to continue work on a customization, we will rebuild it from scratch and quote it accordingly.

Custom Project FAQ

Having completed a range of various custom projects for our customers, we have assembled most frequent questions from them, which you can find in our FAQ section. Most probably, you will find answers to some of your questions under this section; however, if you have any questions or queries which are not covered in this article, feel free to contact us.