CoinGate Gateway

CoinGate plugin allows you to accept payments in Bitcoins and most popular Altcoins. The plugin will come in handy for escort and adult sites as most traditional payment gateways do not work with adult content. CoinGate is one of the most popular solutions for businesses wishing to receive crypto payments; it processes millions of dollars for its customers and the ability for your customers to pay in crypto will be beneficial for your website.

How it works

With a CoinGate plugin, you may receive payments on your sites in Bitcoins and Altcoins. All the payments you receive are accumulated on CoinGate’s cold storage wallets and can be accessed and withdrawn via your account area.

Users, wishing to buy a service or a product on your website, will be offered a payment in cryptocurrency. During checkout, they will be able to select a desired cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum or other coins, which you can activate in back end.

While the payments on your website are shown in Euros, US dollars or any other currency, the CoinGate plugin automatically converts them to current Bitcoin or Altcoin value based on regularly updated rates. On a checkout page, the user will see a wallet address, to which he is supposed to transfer the required amount. Another option will allow him to scan the QR code and pay via his mobile phone app.

Getting started

First, you need to check if your country is supported by CoingGate. Currently, CoingGate operates in over 100 countries, so most probably your country is on a list. After that, you need to create an account with CoinGate, after which you will be given access to client area within CoinGate. There you can add payment options, create invoices, submit withdrawal requests etc.

Fees and commissions

A considerable advantage of using crypto payments is its small commission fee, which is only 1%. CoinGate does not charge setup, support or monthly fees. There are also additional fees which you have to pay when withdrawing funds from CoinGate balance to your wallet, but those fees normally relate to fiat currencies and make zero percent for all crypto withdrawals. To check the most accurate and up-to-date rates, we recommend that you refer to CoinGate’s pricing page.

Withdrawing money

All payments from customers are stored on CoinGate’s wallet and do not go directly to your account. You can see the payment history and track all your earnings in your CoinGate account. They payments in a dashboard are classifieds into cryptocurrency in which they were received. You may send a withdrawal request and send the balance in a specific currency to your wallet. All withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours.

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Apr 10, 2019
  • Initial release
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