Google Street View

When buying a house, users are often interested in finding out more about where it is located, and how the neighborhood looks. While a map view shows only a circle with no visual data, the Google Street View allows users to better assess the property and its surrounding area. Google Street View plugin will give your customers more information about a particular property helping them make a more informed purchasing decision.

How it works

The Plugin is installed in a few clicks requiring only a valid Google API Key, which you can get in the following guide provided by Google. After setup, the Plugin adds a “Street View” button to the preview picture on property details. Upon clicking the “Street View” link, the Plugin will load the street view panorama corresponding to the listing address giving users a much better idea of the property surroundings.

Front End

When a user is viewing a listing, he may click a “Street View” button and see the property surroundings. The Street View plugin gives users a panoramic 360-degree view of the street where the advertised property is located, better yet, the panorama is interactive allowing a user to navigate around it with a mouse, see the adjacent houses, the surrounding area and take a virtual tour around a neighborhood.

Google Street View has been around for quite some time and provides coverage for most areas, although in rare instances some locations may be unavailable for viewing because they are not covered by the map service.

Back end

Google Street View is a third-party plugin developed by Google Maps Service, version 3. Therefore, it does not offer a manager in admin panel and requires no configuration after installation.

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