Mollie Gateway

Mollie is a Payment Gateway that webmasters of classifieds sites operating in Europe will find particularly useful. With an office in Netherlands, Mollie allows businesses to send and receive online payments in just a few clicks. Mollie allows you to accept credit cards, PayPal and even Bitcoin payments, although Mollie is most popular among Western European users for its ability to process a range of regionally popular payments, such as:

  • iDeal – a popular payment platform in Netherlands connecting nine of the Largest Dutch banks;
  • Bancontact – the most popular payment method in Belgium allowing pay with local debit cards;
  • SOFORT – a popular payment method in Germany and many other European countries;
  • SEPA – allows users in 35 European countries to use online banking for making payments;
  • Playsafe Card – allowing users to pay with their pre-paid playsafe cards;
  • KBC/CBCBelgium’s biggest banks allowing users to pay via their safe banking environment;

In other words, Mollie equips your website with a number of most popular payment methods in Europe by incorporating them in one payment solution.

Getting Started

To register, you’ll need to fill out a profile about your business by providing details, where it is located, name, address, legal form, VAT registration number, and some other organizational details. After that, you will be asked to provide a website profile with information about your site, what it sells and what types of payments you are planning to receive. Once you do that, a member of the Mollie team will review and verify your website, after which you can start receiving payments immediately.

Configuring and Managing Payments

As soon as you register, you are given access to Mollie’s dashboard, from where you can configure and manage payment options, set up invoices, track transactions, issue refunds, withdraw money from your Mollie account to your bank account and more. Should you have any questions regarding how to use the dashboard, you can always count on Mollie’s professional support. Mollie claims that they do not hand over the support to third-party call centers; assistance is provided by Mollie’s staff, who know all the ins and outs of the payment solution.

Fees and Commissions

Setting up an account with Mollie is free; there are no monthly fees for keeping an account. You only pay a commission for completed transactions. Since Mollie processes payments through a number of payment methods, commissions vary depending on each of them. For instance, when a client pays directly with his credit card, Mollie charges 0.25 euros + 1.8% for the transaction if a client’s card is issued by a European bank, for cards outside of Europe, the commission amounts to 2.8%. For PayPal, the commission is as low as 0.10 euros. With a multitude of payment options, commission fees mainly depend on methods users will choose to pay with. To get a better idea, we advise that you check Mollie’s pricing page and see the commission fees for different payment methods.

Although Mollie accepts payments globally, it will be especially useful for customers targeting their sites towards the European market, especially Netherlands and Belgium.

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