Nearby Schools

Nearby schools Plugin adds a box to property details featuring all nearby schools found in the proximity to a property that the user is viewing. The schools are grouped based on rating, test scores, grade level, distance from a given property and other factors.

How it works

The Plugin is based on the GreatSchools – a rating service helping parents compare schools based on various factors and available data. The Plugin caches all of your query results meaning that it will in no way affect the speed of your site.

Front End

When a user views property details, along with a property description and photos, he will see a box showing schools located in the neighborhood of the viewed property. The box will show a number of schools in the area and their rating. The information in a box is clickable and a user may follow a link and navigate to the service to obtain more detailed information on the given school.

The service encompasses 200,000+ public and private schools and over one million community reviews with feedback from parents, teachers and students.

Back End

Once you activate the Plugin, you’ll be able to further configure it from admin panel. To start with, you may set the radius within which the schools will be shown. You’ll also be able to set the number of schools to be featured in a box. This configuration will limit the number of schools shown in a box on a property details page, the remaining schools will be hidden from the user and he’ll need to click –view more- to navigate to them. This means that the box will look compact even when there are many schools found in the area.

Since the Plugin derives information from GreatSchools – a US based School rating agency, it is primarily intended for real estate sites targeting the US real estate market.

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Aug 30, 2018
  • Plugin adjusted to Flynax 4.6.X.
  • Bug when generating massive log files fixed.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
May 31, 2016
  • Initial commit
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