Price History

When people are in the market for a property or expensive cars, they usually take their time trying to figure out the best time to make a purchasing decision. As prices tend to fluctuate, users want to know what the price for the same property was half a year ago and compare it with today’s market offers. With a price history plugin, users no longer need to monitor the ever-changing prices; they may now track history of a particular item right on listing details page with the help of our price-tracking tool.

How it works

The price history plugin tracks the price of a property or any other item that has been on sale for an extended period. The plugin is mainly designed for users of real estate websites due to the fact that a property takes long to sell and it is useful for a buyer to get an insight into property selling trends. However, the plugin may also be used for other websites where tracking price changes may be beneficial for a user.

The algorithm of the plugin is quite simple and it does what the name says: records price changes and shows a price history in a special box located on a listing details page.

Front End

When a user views an ad on your website, he will be able to make use of the plugin in two ways: the first one presents a price history as a table showing values, such as date when the price was changed, difference between a prior price in percent, price per square foot (for property websites). The table, although less visual, gives a user a more detailed overview of the price change.

The second tab allows a user to view price history as a chart with a horizontal axis representing time, during which price changes were made and the vertical one represented by price. The dots on the lines indicate changes in a price. Although the chart does not give as many details as a table, it provides better visual engagement for users.

Back End

After installation, the plugin does not create a separate manager in back end and you will find a few options in the plugin settings. One of the options offers you to calculate price of a property by square foot. If you activate this option, the price of a square foot is calculated based on a listing price and a number of square feet. If your website does not deal in properties, you need to leave this option disabled.

The price history plugin is a useful addition to all classifieds websites; by installing it, you will help your users to make more informed purchasing decisions.

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Aug 30, 2018
  • Wrong sorting in price tables fixed
Apr 30, 2018
  • The plugin adjusted to Flynax 4.6.1
  • Minor bugs fixed
Oct 12, 2016
  • Chart bug in the Firefox fixed
  • Minor changes to the mobile interface made
  • The plugin adjusted to the latest templates
Dec 15, 2015
  • Initial release
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