Similar Ads

Similar listings plugin is a simple but useful feature of your website for your site users. It creates a block with similar listings in the sidebar on a page with listing's details.

The plugin selects listings similar to a listing which is under view by a user at the moment. The criteria of similarity can be extended from the administration interface by simple adding of fields to a newly created form of a category. By default block shows listings selected from the same category as a listing on page with details which is viewed by a user.

In case if you have a lot of listings on your website you may switch on the option for relevant selection and add the following fields into the form of the main category, let's take as an example auto classifieds script: condition, color, type of wagon, or year of production and then your website user will get the maximum of similar listings available on your website thus give him the freedom of choice.

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Apr 13, 2016
  • The plugin is adjusted to Flynax 4.5.0
Jun 02, 2015
  • url function problem fixed
Jun 01, 2015
  • The plugin is adjusted to Flynax 4.4.
Nov 24, 2014
  • Minor bugs fixed
Aug 04, 2014
  • cache issue fixed
May 26, 2014
  • Pictures problem fixed
May 05, 2014
  • Initial release
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