Stripe Gateway

Stripe is an acclaimed Payment provider allowing you to accept payments online globally. Stripe’s priority is to make transactions hassle-free and secure whereas merchants are given extensive tools for managing their online business. Operating in 25 countries and processing billions of dollars yearly, Stripe is truly an international Payment gateway that can help your classifieds business accept payments more easily and provide a highly-secure payment procedure for your customers.

Getting started

If you’re running a classifieds site and want to use Stripe as a payment provider, you need to create an account with Stripe where you’ll fill in the information about your classifieds business and provide your bank details. Unlike other payment providers, Stripe doesn’t require a merchant account meaning you can start accepting payments shortly after setup. You don’t need to fill out an application and wait to be approved.

Back End

To see detailed statistics relating to Stripe’s transactions, you’ll be given access to customer area where you will be able to set up membership plans, track transactions, view statistics and more. Stripe’s dashboard is very straightforward in terms of setting up payment plans. You may either choose from a multitude of pre-configured plans or customize them to create weekly, monthly or yearly subscriptions. Aside from regular membership plans, Stripe allows you to easily set up and run promos, hot deals and special offers on your site. More so, you can also create and manage an advanced coupon system.

Front End

Stripe offers users a hassle-free and easy checkout option. Once users select Stripe as a payment provider, they’ll be taken to a page where they’ll need to enter their credit card information and complete a purchase. Note that once users enter their credit card information, it is sent directly to Stripe and is never stored on your servers. With all that, users never leave your site during the checkout procedure. There is an option for users to save their credit card details so that they won’t have to go through the procedure again for future purchases on your site.

Pricing and Commissions

Stripe offers transparent pricing for site owners with no setup or monthly fees. There are also no hidden fees, which may come as an unpleasant surprise. Users are not charged a commission when purchasing ads on your site. You, as a vendor, will be charged with a flat rate of 2.9% plus 30 cents on every completed transaction. Stripe offers customized pricing for large classifieds businesses processing over $80.000 per month. Custom rates are determined individually for each business.

Note: You’re only charged a transaction fee when a sale is made and you don’t have to pay for:

  • Declined or failed transactions;
  • Recurring payments;
  • Refunded purchases.

To protect you from chargebacks, Stripe offers a flexible chargeback fee of $15. A dispute system is also available to Stripe users to help protect sellers from fraudulent claims. If a dispute ends in your favor, the chargeback fee is refunded to you.

Other advantages

If you choose to install Stripe as a payment provider on your site, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • 24/7 support;
  • Enhanced security and fraud protection;
  • Ability to create plans in preferred currencies;
  • Accept payments in different currencies;
  • Ability for users to pay with their mobile phones;
  • Set up recurring billings, coupons, trials or promos;
  • Integrated EPR and reporting procedures;
  • An array of other useful features and options.

It doesn’t matter whether your classifieds business is big and established or you’re only starting, Stripe will help you manage it more effectively by streamlining the payment process. Seamlessly integrated into your Flynax classifieds site, Stripe is going to give your users more options and versatility when it comes to payments.

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