Yandex.Checkout Payment Gateway

If your website targets Russia or you plan to enter the markets of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and a number of other countries where rubles are in wide use, you need to have a payment provider that will allow users to pay in rubles.

How it works

Yandex.Checkout (Yandex.Kassa) allows the site administrator to receive payments in rubles via Yandex.Checkout payment gateway. Yandex.Checkout is equipped with an array of payment options allowing every user to choose a preferred payment method and complete a payment in a hassle-free manner bypassing the extra charges associated with rubles to USD or other currency conversion costs.

Front End

Users who wish to purchase a service, a product or upgrade their membership on your website will be able to do so via Yandex.Checkout payment gateway. Whenever a user choses a product on your website and proceeds to checkout, a range of payment options will be displayed to him, most used are:

  • Debit card (Visa, MasterCard);
  • YandexMoney Wallet;
  • Webmoney;
  • Sberbank online;
  • Qiwi Wallet;
  • Mobile phone balance;
  • By cash in a nearby POS-terminal;

Keep in mind that you may limit the number of payment options to a user by enabling the ones you think are appropriate for your website and disabling those you do not need. For instance, you may leave only a couple of options, such as debit card and Webmoney, while disabling the remaining ones.

When a user chooses the preferred payment method, he will be redirected to the provider’s payment page. A user who has selected a debit card will need to enter his bank card details and click pay, which will finalize the payment. Users who have opted for Sberbank Online, Webmoney or Yandex Wallet will be offered to log in their wallet accounts and complete a payment from there.

The payment process for a user is straight-forward and intuitive, taking no longer than a couple of minutes. An array of different payment options ensures that everyone will find a preferred payment method.

Getting started

To start using the plugin, you need to register your organization by filling in an application with information about your company. Keep in mind that Yandex.Checkout is only available to legal entities or registered private entrepreneurs.

Only after going through a registration procedure, you may proceed to plugin purchase and configuration.

To make Yandex.Checkout work on your website, you need to obtain a shop ID, a Secret Key and choose preferred payment options in your Yandex.Checkout account. After you have completed all of the required steps, the plugin will be set up and you can start receiving payments.

Pricing and commissions

Yandex.Checkout does not charge monthly membership fees. You only pay a commission on every successful transaction, which is deducted when the money is credited to your account.

The commission amount depends on the payment method that a user selects and ranges from 3.5% to 7%. The standard commission starts from 3.5%; however, if you choose to enable payments from a user’s Webmoney and QIWI wallets or from a user’s mobile phone balance, the commission may reach as high as 7%.

Yandex offers a premium plan and lower commission rates for websites whose monthly turnover increases 1 million rubles. Large classifieds portals with over 5 million rubles in monthly turnover are offered even more favorable conditions, which are discussed on a case-by-case basis.

The commission rates and conditions are subject to change from time to time, with this in mind, we suggest that you check Yandex.Checkout's fees and commissions page from time to time to have the most accurate information at your hands.

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Jan 10, 2019
  • Initial release
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