Gumtree Clone

Starting a Gumtree clone is a good idea because Gumtree is one of the largest and most successful classified ads and community websites in the UK.

Gumtree has been in the web since 2000; it started as a local London classifieds and community site designed to connect Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans, who were planning to move and needed help with accommodation, employment and buying various things. Very soon Gumtree became quite successful and it still is, offering both buyers and sellers excellent web experience.

It is quite natural that you are thinking of attaining the same success and you've come to the right place because we can help you create a Gumtree clone based on our Classifieds Software.

Flynax offers a template that partially recreates Gumtree functionality. Our General Wide template is not specifically targeted to the UK and may be used in any country. Now that you've decided to launch a Gumtree clone, you need to be aware of its functionality so that you can offer your site visitors the same or similar user experience. It is crucial that you have an understanding of what Gumtree offers its users, so let us go over the most vital Gumtree features and compare them with our clone.

Home page

Home page

Let us start with the home page as it is always the face of any website, so let us talk about Gumtree's home page. Gumtree's home page header shows a simple search by keywords with a category filter. There is also a location filter that enables the user to search for listings by a postal code within a selected area (provided that the Search by Distance plugin is installed). Our classifieds software completely mirrors Gumtree search and provides the same search criteria.

Below, on the home page, we have placed a category box as categories are one of the main tools for classifieds sites. Gumtree has the same concept with a slightly different design and category view, although the functionality is entirely matched.
Further you may see various content boxes/carousel listings: featured, popular, recently added etc. All those sections may be managed by the Administrator; he may add new ones and change their position from the admin panel. Listing Boxes plugin will also come in handy here, it allows users to create boxes with listings.

Browse Listing Page

Browse Listing Page

Gumtree has brought no specific features to this page, it contains absolutely nothing out of the ordinary and is quite a common thing for all classified sites. Our template contains all standard features characteristic of this page such as: list of ads in content and listing filter in the sidebar, sorting listings, loan calculator for required categories such as real estate and auto. Our template also offers a feature that Gumtree does not have, you may enable different view options for listings: as a list, as a table or on a map.

Listing Details Page

Listing details page

On this page we have displayed a large content gallery and a contact form in the sidebar. We have also changed the look and the logic of the gallery making it more user friendly with interchanging functionality. The user may view photos, videos, map view and street view of a particular listing using only one gallery.

The page also has a box with a shopping cart allowing users to purchase items online or participate in an auction if the bidding option is enabled for a listing type. Apart from the ability to sell items online, the Shopping Cart allows you to charge a percentage of sales and get a commission on every sale.


Gumtree's main source of income is paid and featured ads, although Gumtree is a free website and users can post their ads for free, there are certain options allowing users to promote their ads and listings by featuring them on the site. Gumtree offers users ability to place their ads as featured or urgent at the top of the search page thus boosting them in search results.

Our Gumtree clone template also gives you an ability to charge your users for posting paid and featured ads. We have a dozen of pre-integrated payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal and many others that will help you charge users and thus earn money from your website.

Social Network Presence

Gumtree has an extensive social media presence on Twitter and Facebook with thousands of followers. Our clone is also interlinked with the biggest social media portals; this will allow you to attract more users to your site, who will be able to share listings through their profiles in various social networks.


It is true that Gumtree does have some custom features and plugins that have been added over the years. Flynax offers you a powerful set of 70+ plugins that will help your site stand out from the rest with custom functionality and plugins that you decide to choose to implement on your portal.

Custom Functionality

First of all, our Admin Panel offers a lot in terms of configuring, changing the look and feel of your portal, however If you have some specific features in mind that you believe will greatly enhance user experience, you may order them from our developers.

Frankly speaking Gumtree is a rather simple portal in terms of functionality, it does not contain any innovative or revolutionary features and it will not be difficult to launch a similar project retaining your own style with the help of our clone. We have already helped hundreds of customers to launch their websites with the help of our software and if you've decided to start a similar site, you can do so with our Gumtree clone.