Claim a Listing

The new Claim a Listing plugin will come in handy if your classified ads site gets a lot of ads through import plugins or grabbers such as CSV/XLS/XML Import plugins or in any other way when an ad is posted by someone who does not own it. Such listings don't belong to anyone, although if the owner of the listing wishes to claim his or her listing, this is when you'll need the Claim a Listing plugin. The plugin also allows the Administrator to enable the claiming option for ads of a particular user.

The Plugin adds a "Claim Listing" button to the Listing Details page, which allows rightful owners of ads to initiate a listing claim process. After the user clicks the "Claim Listing" button he is offered three options of verifying listing ownership:

Verify ownership by email
This option is available if the listing is assigned to an email address and the user claiming the listing has access to the email account in question. In this case the user will easily verify ownership through an email by receiving and confirming a 4-digit code from the system on the site to obtain listing ownership.

Verify ownership by SMS
This option is available for listings that have owners’ phone numbers in question. The system will send a user a 4-digit code that a user will need to enter on the site to obtain ownership of the listing. The option requires an account in Clickatell system and paid SMS to be sent to users.

Verify ownership by providing images and other clues
This is the simplest option that is always available; it works in the following way: a user who wishes to obtain rights to his car listing needs to take a photo of his car and attach it to the form. After getting the claim the Administrator will then have to compare the user’s image with listing photo and decide either in favor or against the user’s claim for a listing.

After verifying ownership by one of the three options, the user needs to log into the site provided that he has an account or enter his name and email after which a new account will automatically be created and the listing in question will be assigned to it.

The Plugin has several settings that might be helpful in configuring it:
- The Administrator may disable email and SMS confirmation modules, leaving only photo verification option;
- SMS verification option, if enabled, will only be activated after the Administrator enters his Clickatell account details.
- The Administrator must also indicate which listing fields need to be used such as phone or email.

The plugin generates a separate Manager in the admin panel where all moderation enquiries for listing rights photo verification are gathered. The Administrator may see a photo and compare it with that of the listing and confirm listing transfer. The Manager also shows listing rights transfer by SMS or email; all transfers occur automatically without the need to be approved of by the Administrator.

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Mar 05, 2018
  • Support of Clickatell REST API added
  • Email notifications to Administrator about new requests added
  • Ability to claim a few listings with one request added
  • A few minor bugs fixed
Dec 29, 2016
  • The plugin is adjusted to Flynax 4.5.2
Jun 17, 2016
  • Bug in enable claim function in account with email used fixed
  • Hooks in the Plugin adjusted to a new parser system
Jul 20, 2015
  • Initial release
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