Currency Converter

If you site targets many different countries and attracts people from different parts of the world, it is important that users see the prices in their local currency. Users who are used to buying and selling items in their country’s currency may have difficulty navigating across your listings when the prices are different from the currency that users are accustomed to dealing with. With the Currency Converter Plugin, your users will now see all of the prices on your site in their country’s currency. Keep reading and we will tell you of all the ways, in which your classifieds site may benefit from using the Currency Converter Plugin.

How it works

The Currency Converter Plugin for classifieds automatically converts the price of a listing and shows the user an equivalent in his local currency, based on location. The Plugin will come in handy for classifieds sites with visitors from different countries. For instance, if you are running a US-based site and have visitors from other countries, they will see prices in their local currencies calculated based on accurate exchange rates. By default, users who enter your site will see all of the prices in their local currency based on their location; however, users may easily select any desired currency from the dropdown list.

Not only is the Currency Converter Plugin convenient for a visitor, but it may also decrease user abandonment since users will be less likely to navigate to an online currency converter elsewhere. If you offer your users to get an accurate price equivalent of a listing in their currency on the go, they will remain on your site longer, thus increasing user retention rates.

Interaction with other Plugins

The Currency Converter Plugin is primarily intended to convert prices in listings showing them in local currencies based on a user IP address. However, that is only one of the ways in which users may benefit from the Plugin. When building the Plugin, we made sure it interacts flawlessly with all of the other price-related plugins. For instance, you may use the Currency Converter with the Shopping Cart or Loan Mortgage calculator plugins and show prices in local currencies. In other words, the Currency Converter Plugin works with all of the Plugins that deal with prices or financial aspects in one way or another.

Back End

Once activated, The Plugin creates a manager in the admin panel where you can:

  • Add new currencies;
  • Add special codes and symbols for currencies, for instance the euro € for EUR currency;
  • Enable/disable currencies by using mac action activate/deactivate;
  • Update currency exchange rates at any time and set update regularity;
  • Fix most popular currencies at the top of dropdown list and prioritize them in descending order with $, € and £ always first, or whichever order you choose.

As for currency exchange rates, the Plugin updates them automatically at least once a day meaning that users will always get an accurate number. However, if you wish to update the currency exchange rates more often, you may set the update regularity in the admin panel and by configuring Cron accordingly. It should be noted that the Plugin is based on Ajax, meaning that the conversion of prices happens without the need to reload an entire page.

The Currency Converter Plugin is a must-have for classifieds sites targeting international markets and receiving traffic from different countries. Having it on your site will help users avoid the inconvenience of constantly having to convert from the default currency to their local one; the Plugin will automatically do it for them.

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Jan 11, 2018
  • Currency selector becomes hidden when no active currency is enabled
  • Mysql error during sorting "Search by Price" results has been fixed
Nov 06, 2017
  • Conversion on "Search on Map" page improved
May 30, 2017
  • JS error on "Search on Map" page fixed
  • IE11 conversion issue fixed
  • Search ads by currency logic improved
May 23, 2017
  • Template compatibility improved
  • Admin Panel manager improved
  • User currency detection improved
  • JS errors fixed
May 02, 2017
  • Reworked to meet the requirements of new features
  • Sticky currency option added
  • Bulk action option added to back end
  • Plugin performance significantly improved
  • Conversion logic on Listing Details reworked
  • Position issues in converted prices resolved
Apr 14, 2016
  • The plugin is adjusted to Flynax 4.5.0
Dec 28, 2015
  • Problem with missed currency keys fixed
Dec 21, 2015
  • Default currency selection bug fixed
Dec 18, 2015
  • New currency service integrated
Nov 09, 2015
  • Currency detection by a country added
  • Improved stability
Oct 02, 2015
  • Default currency selection improved
Aug 27, 2015
  • Issue with default currency selection in the currency selector fixed
  • Problem with conversion in the boxes of listings fixed
Aug 22, 2015
  • Improved connection with Loan Mortgage Calculator plugin
May 25, 2015
  • "Infinity" issue after conversion fixed
  • Plugin adapted for Escort Templates
Sep 03, 2014
  • Javascript error on listing details with "Show Flag" option disabled fixed
Aug 26, 2014
  • Minor bugs fixed
May 06, 2014
  • Adjusted to the responsive templates
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • NOTE: Template version 1.2 is required!
Oct 31, 2012
  • KHR currency flag added
  • Currency parser updated
  • "Save changes" error in currency manager fixed
Jul 16, 2012
  • Conversion option for ads in featured boxes added
Jun 20, 2012
  • Changes necessary for loanMortgageCalculator added
Apr 30, 2012
  • Exchange rate update issue fixed
  • Conversion option for prices enclosed into html tags made available
Apr 26, 2012
  • Price delimiter issue fixed
Apr 25, 2012
  • Now the Plugin is available for Flynax v.4.0
  • "Add custom curerncy symbols" feature added
Dec 09, 2011
  • XML currency rates feed updated from: to:
Oct 05, 2011
  • Minor javascript problems solved.
Feb 16, 2011
  • Regular expression for price detecting re-wrote
Dec 24, 2010
  • Cron rates updating code re-wrote
Dec 17, 2010
  • Dynamic rates updating problems fixed.
Dec 14, 2010
  • Database indexes logic changed, new indexes added
  • Javascript - function exist code added
Nov 11, 2010
  • Commented code removed
  • HTML code validated
Oct 28, 2010
  • Empty currency search problem fixed
Oct 14, 2010
  • Plugin code cleaning, insignificant bugs fixed
Sep 24, 2010
  • Initial release
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